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9 very good but little-known apps that you have to try on your mobile


If you are looking for new applications to try on your mobile, here are 9 options that you should try.

9 very good but little-known apps that you have to try on your mobile
Screenshots of some great apps for Android that few people know about

As a new year begins, it may be a good time to renew applications that you have installed on your mobile, and give a chance to new alternatives that, for some reason, they are not so well known as they should.

From time to time we meet cool little known apps which is worth trying. Today is one of those days: we have selected nine apps without too many downloads, but they are very worth it.

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Respawn is a beautiful, useful, free and easy to use application, which can also help you overcome yourself. The app helps you create routines and habits What do you intend to accomplish? You can choose the time of day you want to carry out an activity, and the app will notify you daily.

There are many different categories of habits or activities that can be positive for you, and you can combine them to bring out the best version of you. In addition, you can also create new custom habits.

Download Respawn


It has been downloaded just over a hundred times, but I am very afraid that, in a short time, its number of installations will multiply. Counters is an app that lets you count basically anything. From the steps you take per day, your weight, the number of push-ups you can do, the times you drink water and more.

The application has a simple interface, based on the lines of Google Material 3 with support for dynamic colors. In addition, it is compatible with Health Connect, so you can synchronize the data with other health and sports apps.

Download Counters


If you still don’t keep track of your finances, you should try an app like Finned. It allows you Easily manage your income, expenses, loans and other aspects related to your finances with a careful interface, leaving behind the outdated Excel sheets or notepads.

Finny is also capable of generate reports with graphsnotify you about recurring payments and much more. Your data remains safe, and you can create backup copies in case you change your mobile.

Download finny

writing hero

Typing Hero is a perfect application for those people who usually write the same text, or similarFrequently. It allows automate text blocks to save time, being able to generate them easily without having to do it manually.

You may generate your own customizable text blocksbe it words, sentences or whole paragraphs through templates. You can have as many templates as you want and use them whenever you want, for example when writing an email or replying to a WhatsApp message.

Download Typing Hero


Forecast is the Polish word for “time”, but it is also a great app to know the weatherwith an extremely simple yet elegant interface.

Is a open source application which offers interesting functions such as operation without internet connectionmultiple sources of weather data, support for dynamic colors in Android 12 and later, as well as widgets for the home screen. In addition, it is an app that respects privacy since does not access the location of the device.

Download Prognoza

Feather RSS Reader

Pluma wants to become your new favorite application for read the news. It is a vitaminized RSS reader, with a clear interface that invites you to read, and which also adds interesting functions such as integration with third-party services, including Instapaper or Pocket.

Many of its features are free, although to unlock its full potential you need to pay.

Download Pen


If you are one of those who still download music on mobile to listen to it without an Internet connection, you may be interested in knowing assistanta free and open source music player, based on the popular Exoplayer and with support for Material You.

It includes a large number of interesting functions, such as cover art integrationsupport for most audio formats, support for external equalizers like the popular Wavelet, and much more.

Download Help

Weather today

From the same creator of Finny, the finance management app that we talked about before, comes Weather todaya fantastic free weather application (although with payment options) that stands out for its design and for offering a large amount of information about the weather.

You can see the current weather, up to 48 hour forecast of weather and precipitation (in ranges of only 60 minutes), weather alerts, information about the air quality in our location and much more.

Download Weather Today


Grocy is the ultimate tool for manage your home. Behind her is a ambitious open source project who intends to create a cross platform application with which it is allowed make a summary of food stocks in our home to generate shopping lists vitamins, with support for barcode scanning and integration with the OpenFoodFacts database.

Grocy also allows manage household chores that must be done frequently, all from an app with a neat and intuitive interface.

Download Grocy

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