Home Tech Mobile A Band New samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 features and specs

A Band New samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 features and specs

A Band New samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 features and specs

Meet the phone that transforms the shape of the future. This cutting-edge smartphone places powerful output in the palm of your hand, with a large immersive display.1,2

Designed to change the shape of the future

Mobile’s future comes in two rich colours — Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. Select black for a timeless, luxury look. Or go for bronze in a crowd, to stand out.

Fold into an unrivalled experience

Galaxy Z Fold2 is a cutting-edge smartphone with a 15.81 cm (6.2) “screen when folded off.3 The expansive display allows you more space to play — ideal for text , voice, and gaming.

The next chapter unfolds: See what the future holds with the unboxing of #GalaxyZFold2
Learn more: https://t.co/K0zy2XK1cG#Unboxing pic.twitter.com/JuCBFCnRQ0

— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 3, 2020

Deploy your vision into a greater world

Made from Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, the 19.27 cm (7.6) “folding display opens to provide the vivid colours of Vibrant AMOLED 2X.4 The screen absorbs less blue light, so you can unfold to a tablet viewing experience and enjoy hours on end while minimising eye strain.

Built to give you the freedom to do more

Flex mode allows you to fold Galaxy Z Fold2 at an angle and keep it any way you like — or not keep it at all.2 Simply fold it to the Main Screen using Flex view and make a hands-free video call with Google Duo. Or flip it to Cover front view to watch your favourite show comfortably.


The seamlessness of unfolding

Open an app on the Cover Screen, then unfold to display it with an optimised UI on the bigger screen. The two displays work together for consistency of the app.7

Optimized apps

a larger view unfolds

Apps are optimized for the Main Screen, so you can simply unfold and the UI adjusts seamlessly. Plus, you can choose the view so even more content fits in one screen.8,9

Unfold for a whole new take on gaming

Take advantage of quick response times and smooth action on the 120Hz Main Screen.14 Or link up with enhanced latency to a Bluetooth controller and Galaxy Buds Live, so you can play in real time.

Folded, it’s a phone. Unfolded, it’s a tablet. Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold2.
More than one. Better than both. Change the shape of the future.

Learn More: https://t.co/FyTIWYdRmz pic.twitter.com/srGnUzQiKm

— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 1, 2020

The dual battery planned for a full day

The game-changing battery is back for intelligent dual battery control over the entire day. It integrates the power of two batteries into one long-lasting 4500mAh (typical) power source.15 And with improved AI, Galaxy Z Fold2 actively saves energy all day long when it’s needed most.

Your global view just got more interesting

See the ideal shot before making it

Unfolded, Galaxy Z Fold2 lets you use both screens to make sure everyone likes the shot before you tap the shutter button. Frame up with the Main Screen, and the Cover Screen will give your subjects a preview to adjust their pose before the camera snaps.

*Photo captured with Galaxy Z Fold2 with simulated overlay for illustration purposes. Actual UI may be different.


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