Home GADGETS A Jetpacked Human Alongside Airplanes Near Airport

A Jetpacked Human Alongside Airplanes Near Airport

A Jetpacked Human Alongside Airplanes Near Airport

According to recent news, the incident occurred near Los Angeles (LAX) airport. The ground control of the airport was presented with this peculiar circumstance when two independent pilots announced that someone with a jetpack was flying alongside passenger aircraft near the airport location.

The aircraft encountered a variety of aircraft near the LAX airport and was flying at the same speed as commercial aircraft.

It was an air traffic controller who took the pilots’ note and began warning other pilots to stay mindful of “a guy with a jetpack.” Interestingly, after a warning to the JetBlue pilot to stop flying humans, the air traffic controller quipped the word, “Just in LA.” And if you’re a fan of Lucifer, you know he would have been delighted to see a flying human being in his “land of heaven.”

As of now, the aircraft could not be detected by either the airport authority or anybody close the location. However, if the law-enforcers happen to apprehend the brains behind this case, he / she might end up in jail for a very long time.

In addition, we have seen how unidentified artefacts moving around the airport will pose a big concern. But, for the benefit of others and the pilot, most of these jetpack exercises are carried out over a water body.

The airport authority has already indicated that they are reviewing the incident using their in-house equipment.


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