Home Tech A new leak lets us see the iPhone 15 in full

A new leak lets us see the iPhone 15 in full

A new leak lets us see the iPhone 15 in full


Some mockups are filtered that allow us to see the iPhone 15 in great detail.

A new leak lets us see the iPhone 15 in full
The iPhone 15 leaked in full

With the iPhone 15 about to be presented by Apple, the rumors intensify more and more as the date approaches. And we already have enough data about the next Apple iPhoneas for example, the capacities of your batteries either the colors they will come in..

In addition, it is rumored that all models They will come with USB-C, Dynamic Island and a 48-megapixel camera system on the main lens. Also, as for the Pro models, they would debut a new titanium body and an action button in the style of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Well then. It seems that the rumors are right because Some mockups have just been filtered that would confirm them. These images that you can see below offer us a comparison between the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro, as well as an overview of the entire new range.

These would be the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

The photos have been shared by yux1122who has a rigorous record when it comes to Apple rumors. The photos that he has published show the four models of the iPhone 15: the Pro Max and Plus models, both with 6.7-inch screens, and the standard and Pro variants, both of which will have 6.1-inch screens. And we can already see the first confirmation if they are true: all models have dynamic island.

iPhone 15 mockups

Front of the iPhone 15

Even so, we cannot appreciate the iPhones turned on, since they are only models, although one of the photographs shows that the four models they have the same cutout of this function that came with the iPhone 14 Pro. We can even see it in one that compares the iPhone 14 with the iPhone 15.

In the case of iPhone 15 Pro Maxdue to its supposed titanium body, it has a less glossy finish than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In addition, the action button makes an appearance replacing the mute switchAs we can see in the image that compares the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the 15 Pro Max and that you can see on the cover.

iPhone 15 USB-C

Also missing is the rumored unified solid-state volume knob that It would also have been suspended on the iPhone 16 Pro which will be released next year. But we do get to see the move from Lightning to USB-C which, it seems, will come true after 11 years.


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