Home Tech a streaming music service to compete with Spotify

a streaming music service to compete with Spotify

a streaming music service to compete with Spotify


After taking the social media world by storm, TikTok is now taking on the streaming music industry with TikTok Music.

TikTok Music is official: a streaming music service to compete with Spotify
The interface of TikTok Music, TikTok’s streaming music service

After having put platforms like Instagram and Snapchat on the ropes, Tik Tok want now Expand your reach to a greater number of markets. The company behind the short video social network par excellence has presented to the world your new music service on transmissionTik Tok Musicwith which the firm seeks compete with platforms like Spotify or Apple Musiccurrent industry leaders.

Although TikTok Music will be available in a limited number of regions for now, the company plans to expand its availability to an increasing number of regions over the weeks.

A streaming music service aimed at the youngest

TikTok claims to have worked hand in hand with some of the main record companies worldwideincluding Universal Music Group, Sony Music or Warner Music. In this way, the platform debuts with a catalog full of music from the most listened to artists globally.

The company has announced the service in Indonesia and Brazilwhere the service will be available first, before making the leap to the rest of the world. From TikTok they assure that his idea is to attract the younger public by offering integration with TikTok, given that the music service works with the same associated account to the social network.

Once inside, users have at their disposal a catalog with music by their favorite artists, among which stand out those viral song creators on TikTok. There are also systems of recommendation, built-in song detection in the purest Shazam style and even song lyrics in real time.

ByteDance, the parent company behind TikTok, already had a streaming music service called Ressowhich as of next September 5 will stop working and will end up being replaced by TikTok Music.

As for the TikTok Music priceeverything seems to indicate that it will not be very different from other platforms. In Brazil, the monthly price will be $3.49the same as Apple Music. However, unlike what happens with Spotify and other similar platforms, TikTok Music does not have a free planalthough it does offer the possibility of try the service free for a month before subscribing.


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