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A Twitch Viewer Arrested After Threatening Violence | 4Gamers Thailand


Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 4:43 PM 54 PM, Indochina time

A Florida man was arrested after he threatened to “Kill 20 people.” in chat Twitch This is not normal and it happens almost all the time. Any online community can become a Toxic where people say disrespectful or offensive things to each other for example famous streamers like xQc recently revealed that the audience Twitch one spends money 850 dollars (about 29,505 baht) To donate to send hate messages to him in increments 5 dollars (about 173 baht)

Last year, the situation got even more serious when people started attacking streamers. Twitch which they dislike with hatred They tend to target ethnic minorities or members of the community. LGBTQ Those participating in the attack will spam chats to the streamer. Twitch with inappropriate messages and while these Content creator Many are indifferent or angry after getting attacked with it. Toxic Others, however, admitted to being hurt by the message and even stopped streaming for a while.

latest audience Twitch one raises the bar Toxic in chat to a new level, which on December 9 Lowell Thomas Schoonmaker A 33-year-old Florida man began posting threatening messages in the chats of Twitch such as “Massacre is coming soon”, “Today I will kill 20 people. Have a nice day.” then user Twitch Another person informed FBI about the threat of this man

staff of Palm Beach County can find Schoonmaker by tracking the address IP and he was arrested on Dec. 14. The affidavit stated that the user Twitch also commented on wanting “Destroy the World” and is “Time for me to destroy my world.” As of December 17 Schoonmaker Still being held in prison Palm Beach County and he could be charged with threatening mass shootings or terrorism.

by Schoonmaker He testified that he was dealing with depression and drunkenness when he made threats. He said he didn’t mean what he said, and didn’t even have a firearm. At this point, it’s not clear. Schoonmaker has been banned from Twitch as well or not for his harsh opinions but hope that the platform Twitch Find a way to stop similar actions by other viewers immediately.

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