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a woman from India lost all her savings due to poor cellular connection


Tech support raffle: Indian woman lost all her savings due to poor cellular connection

In trying to solve problems with the network, the woman gave the scammer too many opportunities.

50 year old woman from Bangalore (India) lost over $3.8 million due to a cybercriminal she contacted after googling to fix a poor mobile connection issue.

On June 22, a woman was having problems with her mobile connection and found the service provider’s support number on Google. Calling the number listed on Google, she contacted a man who claimed to be the head of customer service for Vodafone Idea (a division of Vodafone in India).

The operator instructed the woman to download the remote access application/ After the woman downloaded the software, she shared her screen with the operator, giving him access to her phone.

The man instructed the woman to pay ($2.5) via Google Pay to a specific number, and the woman complied. According to police, the man was closely monitoring the Google Pay app as the woman completed the transaction. He later took control of the app and began transferring money from her accounts. In total, the scammer transferred more than $3 million in three different transactions through the payment application. At the same time, the woman did not know what was happening on her mobile phone.

Having emptied 2 bank accounts (of a woman and her daughter), the criminal quickly gained access to another account in a small bank, from which he withdrew $72.4 thousand.

Alarmed by the numerous reports coming from the banks about the withdrawal of money from her accounts, the woman turned to the same man. He replied that the money would be returned within 24 hours and she had nothing to worry about. When the woman insisted that he immediately return the money, the criminal disconnected from the conversation and disappeared.

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