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Alarms & Clock app won’t load, open or work on Windows 11/10


Alarms & Clock app won’t load, open or work on Windows 11/10

Alarms & Clock is a time management app for Windows with five key features: Alarms, World Clock, Timers, Stopwatch, and Focus Sessions. In this post, we present the fixes you can apply if the Alarms & Clock app is not loading, opening or working on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

When you encounter this issue, you will notice that the Alarms & Clock app logo is displayed on the screen, but it does not load and just stays on that screen.

The Alarms & Clock app won’t load, won’t open, or won’t work

This application is a combination of alarm clock, world clock, timer and stopwatch. PC users can set alarms and reminders, check the time around the world and the time of their activities. If the Alarms & Clock app won’t load, open or work on your Windows 11/10 device, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order (but starting with the tasks in the initial checklist) and see what happens solves the problem. for you.

  1. Initial checklist
  2. Run the Windows Store Troubleshooter
  3. Fix/reset app
  4. Re-register/reinstall the app

Let’s take a look at the description of the process associated with each of the listed solutions.

1]Initial checklist

Before trying the solutions below, you can do the following and check after each task if the Clock app now loads without problems:

  • Restart your computer. Most of these issues that you may encounter on a Windows 11/10 device can be resolved simply by restarting the device. But before you do that, close/exit the app, then restart it and see if it loads. If that doesn’t work, then restart. When downloading, launch the app and if it doesn’t load, try the next task on this checklist.
  • Make sure the Clock app is up to date. The issue in question may be related to bugs and crashes present in the application. Windows releases regular updates and patches in response to known bugs. So, if the Microsoft Store doesn’t update automatically, you can manually update the Alarms & Clock app on your device by following the steps provided in this guide. Also, check for Windows updates and install all available bits on your system.
  • Run an SFC scan. If there are corrupted or missing system files, you are likely to experience several issues on your device such as crashes or apps not working properly. In this case, you can easily restore and fix system files by running an SFC scan. In most cases, this scan should do the job, but in severe cases of corruption, you will have to run a DISM scan and then re-run the SFC scan.

2]Run the Windows Store Troubleshooter.

After you complete the tasks in the initial checklist, but the Alarms & Clock app still won’t load, open, or work on your Windows 11/10 device, you can begin proper troubleshooting by running the troubleshooter Windows Store issues and see if that helps. As far as Microsoft Store issues go, this task is an important troubleshooting step.

To run the Windows Store troubleshooter on a Windows 11 device, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key + I open Settings .
  • Switch to System > Troubleshoot > Other trouble shooters.
  • Under Other, find Windows Store Apps.
  • Click Run .
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

To run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter on a Windows 10 PC, follow these steps:

Troubleshooting Windows-10 Store Apps

  • Press Windows key + I open Settings .
  • go to Update and Security.
  • Click Troubleshooter .
  • Scroll down and click on Windows Store Apps.
  • Press Run the trouble shooter .
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

3]Restore/Reset App

Restore or reset the Alarms & Clock app

As with all Microsoft Stores, if you’re having issues with alarms and clocks on your Windows 11/10 device, you can restore/reset the app. To complete this task, follow these steps:

  • Press Win+I to start settings.
  • In the Settings app, select Apps from the left panel.
  • Press Apps & features on the right side.
  • Find the Alarms & Clock app in the list of all installed apps.
  • Next, click on the ellipsis (three vertical lines).
  • Now select Advanced .
  • Now scroll down the page to Reset. Options Repair And reset application is available in this section.
  • Press desired. We suggest that you restore it first, if this did not solve the problem, you can try resetting it.
  • Exit the Settings app when you’re done.

4]Re-register/re-install the app

If the issue you’re experiencing is not resolved even after you’ve tried repairing and resetting the Alarms & Clock app on your device, you can proceed to re-register the Microsoft Store using PowerShell. To complete this task, follow these steps:

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”
  • Exit the Windows terminal after running the command.
  • Restart your computer.

When downloading, check if the error persists. If so, you can uninstall/install the Alarms & Clock app. You may notice that “Uninstall for App” is greyed out in the Settings app. In this case, you can follow the instructions in this guide to uninstall the pre-installed Microsoft Store on your Windows 11/10 device.

How to fix Windows 11 apps won’t open?

If Windows 11 apps won’t open, you can repair/reset apps on your Windows 11 PC by following these steps:

  • go to start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features.
  • In the list of applications, you need to find the application that does not open or does not work. Then click the menu with three dots next to it.
  • Choose Advanced .
  • Scroll down to Reset.
  • Click Repair restore this application.

How to fix the alarm in Windows 10?

If you are having problems with the alarm clock on your Windows 11/10 device, you can easily reset the app settings by following these steps: From the Settings menu, open Apps > Apps & features. From the application list, select Alarms & clock and press Advanced . Scroll down and click reset . Set a new alarm and check if the app works.

Is there a Clock app for Windows 11?

The Windows 11 clock is packed with features including an alarm, timer, stopwatch, focus sessions, and world clock. Each of these features can increase your productivity. All these tools, integrated into the operating system, contribute to the rational use of time and help to complete tasks.

Windows 11 alarm clock running in sleep mode?

No, the Windows alarm will not wake your computer to sound an alarm. For the alarm to work, your computer must be running and not in sleep mode or turned off. Although the alarm may ring if your computer is in sleep mode. Newer laptops and tablets with InstantGo can wake up from sleep with an alarm or timer.

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