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all the news that comes to the browser


Google’s browser adds new elements of Material You on PC and receives other interesting news.

Google Chrome 116 is now available: all the news that comes to the browser
The icon of Google Chrome, the most used web browser in the world

A new version of Google Chrome is available for download. Just a few weeks after the Chrome 115 releaseGoogle has made the arrival of google chrome 116the next big update to the browser, which is scheduled to be released on the stable branch at the beginning of next August.

From today, all users of the beta version of google chrome They can now experience for themselves what’s new in Chrome 116and which we will review below.

Chrome 116 arrives with design improvements, incognito screenshots and more news

as they have advance from AndroidPoliceone of the most interesting novelties of Chrome 116 consists of a better implementation of Google’s Material You design system in the desktop version of the browser.

Material You, introduced alongside android 12It allows generate a theme for system and applications based on the main colors of the wallpaper. In the PC version, they have now been colored more elements of the system interface using theme colors. The changes are appreciable, especially when dark mode is activated from the browser.

Chrome Desktop with Material You

This is what the new version of Chrome with Material You looks like

On the other hand, Chrome 116 also comes with improvements aimed at the new memory save mode integrated into the browser for several versions. Among the novelties, a visual indicator that represents that a web remains suspended after a time without the user having accessed it. Likewise, Google explains that the user you will receive more information about the memory usage of tabs that have gone to inactive state.

The new version of the browser has also improved the experience when it comes to take screenshots of open tabs in incognito mode on android. Thanks to a new experimental option or browser “flag”allowed take screenshots of open tabs in incognito without this implying display the preview of the open web page in the menu of recently opened applications.

For now, all Chrome 116 changes are available via beta of the application. We will have to wait until the beginning of August to see all the changes applied to the stable version. It is also likely that along with Chrome 116 Stable, other new features will be introduced that are not present in this beta version.

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