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all the news that will come to the Apple browser

all the news that will come to the Apple browser


Safari has included a lot of new features in iOS 17 that make it much better.

Safari in iOS 17: all the news that will come to the Apple browser
All the news that have come to Safari in iOS 17

It’s been over a month since Apple introduced and launched the first betas of iOS 17 and in this period of time it has given us time to test in depth all the news that will come to Safari. Because yes, in recent years, Apple’s browser has been one of the native applications that more functionalities have received.

Functionalities such as extensions, the ability to change the position of the search bar, fully customize the home screen, private relay to protect our IP, profiles or the protection of private browsingthese last two have been added to iOS 17.

Profiles coming to Safari in iOS 17

One of the great novelties of Safari in iOS 17 has been the profiles. Said Profiles can be configured from the Safari section and in the settings and will offer the user the sensation that they have different user profiles. Each profile may have its extensions, home screen customization or history. That is, all profiles will have complete independence from each other.

Safari in iOS 17: all the news that will come to the Apple browser

Creating profiles in Safari

Safari profiles are something like modes of concentration that Apple launched in iOS 15, but brought to the Apple browser. In focus modes, everyone we create can have their own home screens, their own notifications, and their own wallpaper. It is welcome that Safari has included a similar system,

Protection with Face or Touch ID comes to Safari in iOS 17

Safari has many security features such as private relaythat allows us not to show our IP while browsing, hide my email for logins to web pages or the possibility of blocking trackers, among others. Thanks to iOS 17, that privacy and security will be raised a notch higher.

You will level up thanks to private browsing in Safari will be protected with Face or Touch ID. This way, no one but you will be able to access your private searches. Good on Apple’s part, but it would be great if this type of protection reached other parts of the iPhone such as turning it off.

Safari has improved its searches in iOS 17

While using Safari, it is quite possible that you find yourself searching for something specific. Timely, iOS 17 offers notable improvements to make this process easier. Apple is giving assurances that search results in Safari sand will be displayed in a more precise and clear way for your reading.

Siri now reads Safari articles in iOS 17

Another of the great novelties of Safari in iOS 17 is the ability for Siri to read articles aloud. All you have to do is visit an article and click on the double Aa that is located next to the search bar and tell it that you want it to start reading.

Although if you prefer, you can also ask Siri. hey siriread this. Automatically, the assistant will begin to read the piece in question. The best thing about all this? Now the articles will be like podcasts, since your player will land on the lock screen and AirPlay menu of the iPhone Control Center.

Two-factor code autofill comes to Safari in iOS 17

Currently, when we want to use a two-factor code to log in to a website from Safari, it usually comes through the Messages app. The system detects it and automatically appears above the keyboard so that we can select it and enter the web that we want.

Safari in iOS 17 has improved the method a bit because it will not only detect the codes that come to us through the messages application, It will also detect those that we receive with the native mail application. Something that will greatly improve our experience with the browser.

In conclusion, the Safari update in iOS 17 shows Apple’s continued evolution in providing users with a more secure, personalized, and efficient browsing experience. With the introduction of profiles, the added security of Face or Touch ID, search enhancements, Siri integration for reading articles, and improved autofill for two-factor codesApple is setting a solid pace in improving its native browser.

These changes not only enhance the user’s browsing experience, but also reinforce Apple’s commitment to privacy and security. It remains to be seen how these new changes will be received by the Apple user community and how they will translate into practice. However, it is clear that Safari in iOS 17 is set to be a strong contender in the world of mobile browsers..


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