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all ways to share mobile data

all ways to share mobile data


It provides Internet to a computer, a tablet or another mobile phone thanks to tethering. We tell you how to do it!

What is tethering: all the ways to share mobile data
Tethering is the way to share mobile data with other devices.

In this guide we will explain what is tethering and in what ways can you take advantage of this function on an Android mobile phone. In addition, we show you what are the steps you must follow to create a wifi zoneshare mobile data via cable or provide a connection to another device thanks to the bluetooth connection.

What is tethering on Android and what is it for?

Tethering is a word that comes from English and can be translated into Spanish as “tying” or “anchoring”. Actually, we use it to refer to the function that allows share the Internet connection of a mobile device with other devicessuch as computers, tablets or other smartphones. Some manufacturers also refer to it as a “tethering” or “mobile hotspot”.

But why is it so useful? Tethering will throw you a cable when there is no network available and you need to connect to the internet from another device. To understand it better, let’s give an example.


When you share the Internet with your mobile, you can continue using it without any problem

Imagines you are in a coffee shop where Wi-Fi is offered to customers. You had decided to work a little with your laptop while you taste the delicious coffee that they are about to bring to your table. The problem is that you need internet access to edit specific files. The solution to this inconvenience is to create a WiFi zone with your mobile so that your computer can access the Internet. While you work, the computer will be able to download any file, consuming data from your mobile plan.

Another function of tethering in Android is to share the connection with other nearby devices, like when you’re in a group of friends and they all want to connect to the Internet at the same time. By activating tethering on your phone, you can allow other terminals to connect to it and be within the same local network.

Finally, regarding tethering, there are some additional points that you should know:

  • Data consumption. Although the equipment that connects to your mobile device will do so via WiFi, remember that they will be consuming data from your fee. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid downloading large files, especially if you’re on a limited plan.
  • additional costs. Although it is not usual, some service providers may charge additional fees for the use of tethering, so it is advisable to check the policies of your data plan before using this function.
  • Reduced autonomy. Sharing data with other devices turns your mobile into a router. The problem is that this work consumes a lot of battery, so it is better that you connect the device to the electrical network.
  • you need coverage. You may think that, since the WiFi signal on your computer or tablet is at its maximum, the speed will always be optimal. That’s because your phone is nearby, but while it’s true that you can create a WiFi hotspot or do wired and Bluetooth tethering at any time, your phone needs good coverage for a fast connection.

3 ways to enable tethering on your phone

Well, now you know what tethering is, what it is for and how it affects your mobile data plan. Now it’s time to discover what are the methods for sharing mobile data that you will find in most Android devices.

WIFI zone

What is tethering: all the ways to share mobile data

The one activated in the quick settings of Android helps you turn the WiFi hotspot on and off quickly

WiFi access point, also known as WiFi access pointIt is one of the most convenient ways to share the Internet through tethering on Android devices. When activated, your phone becomes a router and starts broadcasting a WiFi signal for other devices to connect to.

In the configuration options, you can change network name and password. A point in favor of this methodology is that it allows the connection of multiple devices. It’s ideal for sharing high-speed Internet with any compatible device.

Bluetooth connection

Another existing option is the Bluetooth connection. For it to work, you must pair your phone with another compatible device.

This option is useful when there is no nearby Wi-Fi network and a wired connection is not convenient. Bluetooth tethering is a fairly stable way to provide Internet access to other devices and usually consumes less battery than Hotspot. However, it has the disadvantage of have a lower transfer rate and only allow access to a single device.

Wired Data Sharing

Finally, we talk about cable anchor. Basically, it consists of connecting your phone to another device using a USB cable to share the Internet connection directly.

The main advantage of wired tethering is the high speed data transferin addition to the stability it offers. In addition, wired tethering does not consume the phone’s battery, as the receiving equipment provides power to the mobile phone. The downside is that you will only be able to connect a single device at the same time, generally a computer.

How to share mobile data with tethering on Android?

The last point that we analyze in this guide has to do with the practical procedure for start tethering on your Android mobile. We put theoretical knowledge aside and show you what you should do to create a WiFi hotspot or share data via Bluetooth or cable.

What is tethering: all the ways to share mobile data

With a few touches you will have activated the WiFi access point so that your mobile becomes a router.

The first thing you should do is access the settings of your device. Then follow these steps:

  1. Enter the section connections. It may be called Network and Internet.
  2. Locate the option Share connection either WIFI zone.
  3. Activate the function and change the name of the network.
  4. Also, write a strong password that nobody knows.
  5. Connect the other device to the WiFi network that your mobile has started broadcasting.

Remember to place the device at a distance where the WiFi signal is strong to improve speed. Also, do not forget that your phone must have good coverage.

What if you want to share data via cable or Bluetooth? Well, in the same section that allows you to create the mobile access point, you will find the options USB connection sharing and Bluetooth connection sharing. Once you have done so, connect both devices by cable or proceed to pair them using the Bluetooth connection.

What is tethering: all the ways to share mobile data

These other triggers in the settings will allow you to share the Internet with Bluetooth or cable

Remember that there is a button on the quick settings panel to quickly activate the WiFi hotspot or wired or Bluetooth tethering. Once you have configured everything, you will no longer have to go back to the Android settings. It will be enough to press the activator for the rest of the devices to connect to the access point.


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