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Amazon’s most popular smart speaker drops to a minimum: only 26.99 euros


Alexa enters your home to completely revolutionize it, and at the best price of the year!

Amazon's most popular smart speaker drops to a minimum: only 26.99 euros
The Echo Dot 5 in its navy blue finish.

One of the best smart speakers you can buy drops its price, though only for a limited time. Thanks to one of the offers of the Amazon Prime Day you can get him echo point state-of-the-art for only €26.99. But keep in mind, you must be main user To enjoy this great price, also a fast and completely free shipping.

Inside this little speaker lives alexa, one of the most advanced and complete virtual assistants that exist. It will not only answer your questions, it will open up a world of possibilities before you. You will have the possibility to control other devices in your home with your voice and start creating a whole smart home.

Echo Dot (5th Generation)

Alexa comes to your home to turn around

That little speaker will look great wherever you put it, It arrives with a beautiful and minimalist design that will look great on any piece of furniture on which you place it.. You have it in various finishes, Anthracite, White and Bluish Grey. It will go unnoticed and become another decorative element.

Despite what it may seem due to its small size, the Echo Dot offers amazing sound quality. It’s more than enough to fill a whole room with music, you just have to ask Alexa to put a good playlist to start a party in seconds.

An “Alexa” or an “Echo” will suffice to activate it, the speaker of the North Americans will always be attentive to help you. But don’t worry, if you feel uncomfortable, it incorporates a button at the top with which you can turn off its microphone. From that moment you will have the security that it will not capture any of the sounds of your home.

Echo Dot (5th Generation)

If you want to start creating your smart home, this Echo Dot is one of the best purchases you can make, I have no doubts. It’s nice, cheap and thanks to Alexa you can do almost everything. The virtual assistant of North Americans is compatible with hundreds of different devices, creating a connected network of devices may be easier than you thought.

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