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Analysis Amazon Echo Auto 2023: characteristics and opinion

Analysis Amazon Echo Auto 2023: characteristics and opinion


Amazon gambles with a product that is not for everyone but that can save more than one life.

Analysis Amazon Echo Auto 2023: a good move by Amazon
Its redesign is very grateful and the truth is that visually it looks quite good

Smart devices have carved a very important place in our lives. Among them, the Amazon Echo smart speakers They have an inescapable hole in the lives of many people. In fact, Alexa is already an unequivocal part of the popular imagination of many people. She is even part of memes and traditional series. In the year 2020, Alexa also came to our cars with a very original formula that allowed us to give the terminal a good life. This year a renewed version has arrived, as well as other terminals such as the echo point. We are talking without a doubt about the Amazon Echo Auto 2023, a terminal that is going to give us a lot to talk about and that is very interesting.

Fortunately we have already been able to test it and we bring you a complete analysis of how the user experience has been so that you can assess whether it is worth buying it. In any case, we go first with the strong and weak points and later we will go on to describe the operation of the terminal in a more exhaustive way. In any case, we can anticipate that Its use during these weeks has left a very good taste in the mouth.

+ Advantages

  • The new design is much more accessible, tiny and adapted to the user.
  • It works incredibly well, its finishes are of high quality and the speaker and microphones allow us to use the phone without problems while we are driving.
  • It is very useful if we are very much within the Amazon ecosystem.

– Cons

  • It is not a product that is designed for all users, but is that really a downside? we will see later


That being said, let’s see what the new Amazon Echo Auto has to offer us, since as you can see it has left a great taste in our mouths and it is well worth enjoying it.

Price and where to buy the Amazon Echo Auto 2023

We can buy the Echo Auto 2023 on Amazon, although sooner or later it will reach other retailers as its first version already did. In this case, its recommended sale price is 69.99 euros, but we must be attentive to the Amazon sale periods since it is very possible that the brand will gradually lower them in these periods.

Amazon Echo Auto 2023

In any case, it won’t take long for it to appear in other retailers, since the first iteration of this product reached MediaMarkt and other physical stores where you could get hold of the Echo Auto without problems.

Amazon Echo Auto 2023
Dimensions and weight 52mm x 23mm x 15mm, 62g
Smart Assistant alexa
microphones five microphones
Sound 1 speaker
connectivity Bluetooth
cigarette lighter connector

Having said this, it is time to move on to the analysis as such and go through the user experience that it entails.

Design and connectivity of the new Amazon Echo Auto 2023

The old Amazon Echo Auto was nice, but maybe too bulky to put in our car. On this occasion, Amazon has taken note and has redesigned the Amazon Echo Auto to turn it into a smaller, more adaptable and usable device in our daily lives. The design is absolutely minimalist. We have a top led light that changes color as we interact with the smart speaker. Then it has two very small buttons, one to mute if we don’t want Alexa to listen to us while we drive and another for action. For the rest, it is very small, it has a connection port and it is rough to the touch as it is a speaker.

Its aesthetics is one of its great strengths since it is small, adaptable and the truth is that it is very discreet.

On the other hand, it is perfectly adaptable to the needs of our car. It comes with a (very strong) adhesive that allows us to place it on any smooth surface in the car. There we can adhere using a magnet to the Amazon Echo Auto 2023 so that we can then pick it up and place it wherever we want. This will allow us to give it a more interesting use and, above all, that we can keep it once we have used it in case we are worried about leaving it in plain sight. In general it is stupendously well done for this. If we don’t want to stick it and we have a robust ventilation grill, it also brings a adjustable clip to put it on the dashboard comfortably and without problems.

Amazon has also thought about the different ways in which we can connect our Amazon Echo Auto to the car. As you know every car is a world so it brings different ways for us to make the connection. This time we have used the connection via 12V cigarette lighterbut you can also connect it through a 3.5mm jack cable.

Afterwards, the process of pairing with Alexa is very simple. We simply have to activate Bluetooth and download the alexa appAvailable on both Google Play and the App Store. Then you simply have to connect one application to the other and we will have everything ready.

Download “Amazon Alexa” on Google Play Store

In summary:

  • It is cute, small and adaptable.
  • It allows us to connect it in multiple ways to our car and phone.
  • It works within the Alexa ecosystem.

user experience

The user experience has been really useful and entertaining to use. In the end we have a smart speaker with the company’s assistant, alexa. In this way we are in a really interesting situation since it allows us to give it all the uses that this type of assistant has. We can ask you for directions, ask you questions, and even play a few games. Which is always very interesting.

The Amazon Echo Auto held by my hands

The Amazon Echo Auto is aesthetically very pleasing

In this aspect, most useful of all It has really been about giving the car a new technological life. We can ask Alexa to play us music and allows us to make calls legal and without losing attention to the car. My car specifically allows bluetooth calls but your microphone sucks so I was rarely heard well on calls. For this reason, it is very useful for those who have cars that are already a few years old and that in some technological aspects have already become outdated. In the case of calls it is absolutely brilliantThe five microphones work in an incredible way, making our voices heard without problems or cuts. It is worth trying if we work in the car and need to be constantly making calls.

It can also serve as a road assistant guiding us along the path we have chosen to travel. In this sense, it is quite useful, although I am not able to use it extensively since I usually like to also have a screen that guides us through the route, even if I am not looking at it.

What people is the Amazon Echo Auto 2023 intended for?

In my case it has been really useful. My car is a bit old now, so it has allowed me to relate to it in a way that was impossible before. So, has given it a new life technologically speaking. With simple commands I can play music, receive GPS directions or even turn on the lights in my house at any time I want. Overall, it’s very helpful and is a very competitive price that is quite worth it.

In short, Amazon Echo Auto is perfect for you if:

  • You are a loyal user of the Amazon ecosystem, which will allow you to use the Echo Auto for a dozen issues related to your smart home. You will be able to turn off lights, electrical appliances, in general anything you have at home that is smart and that is integrated into the Alexa ecosystem.
  • It will also be useful if your car is old, since it will allow us to connect to it via Bluetooth and be able to give it quite simple voice commands. This will also give us the ability to play music or interact with the device in a much more useful way than we have done before.
  • It allows you to play music from your favorite streaming platforms, receive directions, which can be an ideal replacement for a smart screen if we don’t have one of this type.
  • Overall, the device makes your car smarter, so it’s always a good option for those of us who don’t have top-of-the-line cars.
Analysis Amazon Echo Auto 2023: a good move by Amazon

Aesthetically the change has suited him very well

For whom is this device not useful? The truth is that the Amazon Echo Auto is aimed at a specific audience, which means that some parts of the population will not find it really useful. This is not a real problem, since the Amazon Echo Auto has not been conceived with a universal ambition, but rather covers a problem specific to a specific market, so it can even become a advantage since they know perfectly the segment in which they are moving and manage to do it with true mastery.

You won’t find it very useful if:

  • Your car is modern. If you have Android Auto or any of the new systems that are integrated into our vehicles, the truth is that we are not going to find it very useful. The car park in Spain is something old, so many users will find it worthwhile. However, if you are one of those who have a fairly recent car, you will not have problems when transferring music from your mobile or anything else.
  • If you use some other smart ecosystems, this device may not suit you as much, since you will have the home automation of your house ready for use.


The truth is that the experience of using the Amazon Echo Auto has given my car back a series of uses that until now I had already abandoned. In general, the most useful thing has been for me be able to play music without any problemsimply by plugging the Amazon Echo Auto into the cigarette lighter we can give our car a new life in terms of technology. However, the thing does not stop there, but it can give us directions or guide us and serve as a GPS.

In this way, it is impossible not to recommend the Amazon Echo Auto for all those who are in a similar situation and want to put the Internet of Things to real use in our car. It will make your life easier and it will allow you to simplify the use of your car and even adapt it to the use you give it at home.

This device has been thoroughly tested independent thanks to a transfer by the brand. The article contains purchase links for which Andro4all may receive a commission. join up to the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best deals before anyone else.


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