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Anti-Phishing presented the Start X ecosystem

Anti-Phishing presented the Start X ecosystem


Products help developers write secure code and help employees recognize digital attacks.

Previously, the company was known for the Anti-Phishing for Employees platform of the same name (now Start AWR), now the company has combined its products into Start X ecosystem . It allows you to reduce the risks of the human factor and increase the efficiency of people in key business processes, including the development, support and operation of systems and applications.

The ecosystem includes four solutions:

— Start AWR (formerly Anti-Phishing for Employees) is a platform for monitoring the level of company security against cyber attacks on employees. It helps to develop employees’ skills to counter all types of digital attacks: through email, websites, fake access points (WiFi), social networks and instant messengers.

– Start REQ – an interactive database of security requirements for software products, which consists of external and internal regulations, laws and industry practices. The system implements the Shift-Left Security approach in DevSecOps processes and allows you to prevent the appearance of vulnerabilities and configuration errors at the start of the development process, which makes it possible to minimize post-release attacks. Product teams fill out a questionnaire and receive up-to-date security requirements in a language understandable to developers, including security acceptance criteria at the release stage.

– Start EDU – a platform for training product teams in the skills of writing code without vulnerabilities. Teaches developers and other team members on cases and real work tasks with minimal distraction from the workflow. As a result, teams know how to implement security requirements and release software without vulnerabilities.

— Start CTF — SaaS simulator for practical security in the format of an Internet bank. Helps in 4 weeks to introduce teams to the topic of secure development and involve them in DevSecOps processes. All tasks in the simulator are united by one story, and their solution initiates an incident response simulation.

You can read more about all products at site .

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