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Apex Legends launches new Celestial Sunrise Collection event with details on upcoming Hardcore Royale mode


Friday, January 20, 2023, 6:35:35 a.m. Indochina time

Launched a new official event for the game. Battle Royal famous as Apex Legends This activity will come to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This activity will be called Celestial Sunrise Collection This activity will begin. January 24, 2023 – February 7, 2023

The interesting thing about this activity is Picking up the skins of different characters to mix in the theme of Chinese New Year. and the rabbit zodiac perfectly The skin will consist of

  • Rattlesnake | ash
  • Lion Guard | Caustic Soda
  • Lucky Rabbit | Octane
  • Dragon Warrior | Pathfinder
  • Jade Fort | Newcastle
  • Operatic Aquamarine | Watson

Including various gun skins that hug each other’s necks It’s also made out beautifully and very collectible. which will have the following details

  • Snake Fang | Wingman
  • Dragon’s Breath | Loyalty
  • pay forward | v.
  • Luxurious Dragon |
  • Reaction | Peace Keeper

But it’s not just gun skins or character skins. because in activities heavenly sunrise way reborn A new mode has been added. which will be named Hardcore Royale The details are as follows.

  • hide HUD Everything such as blood, armor, ammunition count, friend’s blood, etc.
  • Players will only have “white armor” and cannot upgrade armor.
  • The “Hat” item will be removed from this mode.
  • Inside the boxes of various corpses, there will be no “armor” to keep in any way.
  • The squeeze band will have the highest strength from the beginning.
  • Players must have a level 20 or more to be able to play in such mode.

have to wait and see that after the arrival of the activity Celestial Sunrise Collection and Hardcore Royale Entered the game How many players will be interested in this system? have to wait and follow each other

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