Home Tech Apple and Samsung sweep profits, others fight over leftovers

Apple and Samsung sweep profits, others fight over leftovers

Apple and Samsung sweep profits, others fight over leftovers


The mobile market in terms of shares follows a similar pattern to what we have seen in previous quarters, but when we look at the benefits by brand, the data changes a lot.

Apple and Samsung sweep profits, others fight over leftovers
Samsung and Apple are the ones that take the most benefits.

We already know that the mobile market is not at its best. Recently the sales reached its worst values ​​since 2013while Samsung lost and then regained hegemony in the global marketbut it has continued to fall. For now only Apple has been saved from burning in a market with a difficult situation.

But the worst part, as collected in a report published by Counterpoint Research, The rest of the manufacturers are taking it. The two biggest names in the entire industry, despite market problems, continue to dominate with an iron fist. The others fight over the leftovers.

This is how the market looks after Q1 2023

The data for the first quarter of 2023 show that Samsung leads the mobile market with a 22% share, while Apple remains in second place on their heels. Those of Cupertino currently have a 21% market share. The third brand in contention, Xiaomi, is quite a distance from these two with 11% of the total.

Xiaomi is followed by OPPO with 10%, while 7% remains for the fifth position of vivo. So far everything is more or less normal, it does not differ much from what we have seen in previous months. The interesting thing comes when we look which manufacturers are making the most money.

Counterpoint report reveals that Apple and Samsung they take 96% of the profits of the global market, with Apple accounting for 80% of all that figure. And despite the fact that the rest of the manufacturers are trying to compete with the two giants, their efforts do not serve to keep more than crumbs.

These efforts are also focusing on a significant rise in prices. Taking Xiaomi as an example, the xiaomi 13 Pro It costs more than 1,300 euros, while when the Xiaomi 13 Ultra finally goes on sale, it is expected to exceed that figure by a lot. There are even phones from the Redmi range that are already being sold for more than 500 euros.

Finally, it seems that the high-end market continues to grow at a good pace according to current trends. That will also help us see more and more expensive premium phones, according to analysts.


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