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Apple Announced its First Silicon Chip M1

Apple Announced its First Silicon Chip M1

M1, the most powerful chip it has ever produced and the first chip specifically built for the Mac, was revealed by Apple today. For Mac systems in which small size and power efficiency are critically essential, M1 is optimized.

Image credits : Apple.com

M1 features a simplified memory architecture for significantly enhanced performance and efficiency and incorporates various powerful technologies into a single chip. M1 is the very first personal computer chip to be designed using state-of-the-art 5-nanometer process technology and has a whopping 16 billion transistors.

M1 features the world’s fastest low-power silicon Processor core, the world’s best per watt CPU efficiency, the fastest integrated graphics on a personal computer, and the Apple Neural Engine ‘s revolutionary machine learning performance. As a consequence, M1 delivers up to 3.5x faster CPU processing, up to 6x faster GPU performance, and up to 15x faster machine learning, all while allowing up to 2x longer battery life than Macs of the previous generation. M1 provides the greatest leap ever for the Mac with its profound improvement in output and productivity.

First Device for the Mac on a M1 Chip

Macs and PCs for the CPU, I / O, protection, and more have historically used multiple chips. These technologies are now merged into a single SoC with M1, providing a whole new level of integration for higher power efficiency and performance. M1 often provides a centralized architecture of memory that integrates high-bandwidth, low-latency memory within a custom kit into a single pool. This enables all SoC technologies to access the same information without copying it between different memory pools, increasing performance and efficiency further.


Fastest Integrated Graphics In The World

M1 integrates the most advanced GPU from Apple. It derives from years of Mac device research, including regular applications and difficult pro workloads. The GPU in M1 is in a class by itself, with industry-leading efficiency and unparalleled effectiveness. The GPU can handle extremely challenging tasks with ease, from smooth streaming of multiple 4k streams to rendering complex 3D scenes, with up to eight powerful cores capable of running nearly 25,000 threads simultaneously. M1 has the world’s fastest integrated graphics on a personal computer, with 2.6 teraflops of throughput.

Blazing-Fast, Machine Learning On-Device

The M1 chip adds to the Mac a Apple Neural Engine, substantially accelerating the tasks of machine learning ( ML). The Neural Engine in M1 makes up to 15x faster machine learning performance, featuring Apple’s most advanced 16-core architecture capable of 11 trillion operations per second. In reality, with ML accelerators on the CPU and a powerful GPU, the entire M1 chip is built to excel in machine learning, so tasks such as video analysis, voice recognition, and image processing on the Mac can have a level of performance never seen before.

 macOS Big Sur Optimized for M1


MacOS Big Sur is designed to take full advantage of all M1 functionality and strength, delivering a huge performance boost, amazing battery life, and even stronger safety protections, down to its core. Things users do every day feel significantly quicker and smoother with M1. Much like the iPhone and iPad, the Mac wakes up from sleep immediately.

Browsing in Safari, which is already the fastest browser in the world, is now up to 1.5 times faster and almost 2 times more responsive while running JavaScript.2 With Big Sur and M1, Mac users can run a greater variety of apps than ever before. With Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology, current Mac apps that have not been upgraded to Universal can run seamlessly. And the applications for the iPhone and iPad will now run directly on the Mac. In addition, Big Sur’s foundations are optimized to unleash the strength of M1, from Metal for graphics to Core ML for machine learning, including developer technologies.


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