Home Tech Apple has asked LG and Samsung to create bezel-less displays

Apple has asked LG and Samsung to create bezel-less displays

Apple has asked LG and Samsung to create bezel-less displays


Apple has asked Samsung and LG to build a bezel-less OLED display, suggesting that Cupertino will stick with traditional form factors for now.

The Iphone "all screen" is coming: Apple has asked LG and Samsung to create displays without bezels

A week ago we told you about future iPhone with rollable screen that it is believed that it can arrive after knowing a patent issued by Apple for a phone with a screen of these characteristics. From this information it was deduced that the Cupertino firm could have given a twist to the concept of Samsung’s folding phone, as long as these screens come to be mounted on future devices of the company.

We had previously heard that Apple I could bet on a foldable iPad. Whether it’s a foldable or a rollable screen, all this rumor mill comes at a time when foldable phones they do not end up curdling in the market. It seems that manufacturers like Samsung (and those that are joining the bandwagon, like OPPO or Motorola) are determined that the public bet on the foldablewhen for now it seems that many users have not just stung.

But we’re not here to talk about that. The reason for this article is, as you can deduce from the headline, is that we are back with Apple screens. In accordance with information collected in the Korean medium TheElecthose of Tim Cook would have commissioned Samsung and LG an OLED panel without frameswhich seems to finally bring us closer to “all screen” phones.

Apple continues to bet on rigid and flat screens

According to the information we have had access to, Apple wants a front panel all screen, rigid and flat. The Cupertino manufacturer assures that it wants to maintain the essence of its product, but it wants to offer users a much more complete screen (although it is true that in the iPhone 14 the frames are already minimal).

this on one side dismantles the theories of seeing a foldable iPhone in the future. Regarding the roll-up screen, we already said that all the manufacturers patent many things for a year and that not all of them end up reaching the users. In the case of this screen without frames, we know according to the medium they want continue without implementing curved screens which we can see in the Galaxy S23 ultra series, for example.

Likewise, curved screens apply a magnifying glass effect to the edges of it, something that Apple wants to avoid at all costs. In addition to the optical distortion effect seen on these screens, these screens are more vulnerable to external shock. And this is a problem, because for Apple to achieve what it wants you have to find space for the phone antenna and make sure it does not receive interference. As collected, with a curved screen this is much easier to achieve.

There is also other difficulties that are going to put manufacturers in trouble to give Apple what it wants. For example, all OLED screens mount an inorganic film that blocks the entry of moisture and oxygen, thanks to the screen frames.

The mobile industry has time trying to achieve a phone that is all screenbut for now the efforts are falling short. Apple wants to get it, but it’s going to be quite a challenge for screen manufacturers.


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