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Apple may delay implementation of App Store rule changes for 90 days


Apple wins 90 days to change the App Store rules stemming from its dispute with Epic Games.

Apple may delay implementation of App Store rule changes for 90 days
Apple has 90 more days to make the changes to the App Store

Recently, Apple appealed to the US Supreme Court with the intention of overturning the resolution of Judge Yvonne González Rogers regarding the dispute with Epic Games. The ruling in question would force Apple to modify certain aspects of the regulations of your App Store. However, a district court has given Apple free rein to postpone such changes until the Supreme Court rules on the appeal.

According to what was published by the edgeApple has obtained an order staying the judgment of the appeals court. This order would have forced the company to allow developers to offer third-party platforms to make paymentseven when such applications are distributed through the App Store.

Apple wins 90 days to make changes to its App Store

Such a decision would have a notable impact on Apple’s revenue, as the company imposes a 30% tax on app sales and in-app purchases. The resolution came after Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing her of carrying out anti-competitive practices in relation to the App Store.

Although the judge ruled that Apple is not required to reinstate Fortnite to its app storethe company would have to be more flexible with its rules on in-app purchases. With today’s decision, Apple will have more time before being forced to implement these changes. The new court finds that Apple has not broken competition laws, but has required the company to allow developers to direct users to payment methods outside of their apps.

Of course, Epic Games has not been amused by today’s decision. We carry more than three years with this war between Apple and Epic Games And it seems that it will last much longer. Well it’s true that Fortnite could return to Apple devicessince the company tYou have until March 5 to allow third-party app stores.

The App Store is on its way to change completely

Although Apple has bought time to make these changes to its app store to allow developers to use their own payment methods, it is clear that if this ends up being a reality, the application store of the Cupertino company will change a lot in the coming months.

To these changes we must add, as we have said, the possibility that the iPhone has with third-party app storeshence many applications that we use in our day to day would not be accessible from the App Store As of March 5, which is the term that Apple has to carry it out if it is not extended in some way.

At the moment we do not know how it will be implemented, we only know that Apple is working closely with the European Union so that these changes to iOS do not affect users. What is clear is that These changes will have that touch that Apple always gives and that perhaps, it is not as terrible as we can think.

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