Apple TV 4K is improved by a faster A12 Bionic processor

Apple TV 4K is improved by a faster A12 Bionic processor

Apple TV 4K With its powerful processor, a wide range of apps and close integration with the Apple Ecosystem, Apple TV 4K is the best media streaming chip on the market. However, it was not updated in years, so the people expect a refreshment for a long time and waited for the new products updates.

Well, it’s today, people – kind of. The device itself is a little bit “refresh,” and it simply receives a faster A12 Bionic. Whereas Apple TV 4K now supports higher frame rates, the overall structure and design are the same. But the much dismissed Siri Remote is a big change.

The current remote has an excessively sensitive pad and it is very unpleasant to keep. To say nothing, without accidentally clicking on something the existing Siri Remote is almost impossible to collect. Fortunately, Apple has redesigned Siri Remote radically to solve those problems. And yes, with your existing Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K you can buy the new Remote on your own.

“The new Siri Remote features an innovative clickpad control, five-way navigation to increase precision, and is also tailored to help Apple TV users enjoy fast directional swipes. An intuitive circular gesture is supported by the external ring of the clickpad, which makes this jogging control perfect for finding a stage in a film or show. And the new Siri Remote is more comfortable in a user’s hand with its unique aluminum design “According to Apple.

The iPhone manufacturer also says, “There is also a power button in the new Siri Remote that controls the power of a TV and a power button for the mute, making it the only remote to enjoy TV. Customers can easily search for certain shows or movies, control intelligent home accessories, check sports ratings or the weather, and more via Siri. Siri has joined 13 countries and regions that already supported Siri in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand on Apple TV.”

Apple TV 4K starts at $179 and 32GB of storage for the new 2021 Apple TV 4K. For $20 more, you can upgrade to 64 GB – something I’d recommend if you plan to download a lot of applications. You can also purchase the older Siri Remote 1080p Apple TV HD for $149. The independent Siri Remote is only $59 away. From 30 April, you can purchase these new products.