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Apple TV 4K gets Multi-View update


Monday, May 22, 2023 at 3:11:56 PM, Indochina time.

“Why watch just one sport when you can watch four?”

The Apple TV 4K finally has ‘Multi-View’ or a multi-screen system. That means that sports fans watching sports on their streaming devices can watch multiple games and games on TV at the same time (via The Verge) when watching MLB (Major League Baseball) and MLS (Major League Baseball) streams. Apple League Soccer)

Any sports fan will know the pain of having two interesting sports games happening at the same time. Or just have a few hours to catch up on the replay live? An option like ‘Multi-View’ means you don’t have to select a specific channel to watch. But you can run two, three, or four streams simultaneously. It’s called a big win.

In a blog post on the tech giant’s website, Apple wrote:

“With a new fully customizable multi-view experience in the Apple TV app on Apple TV 4K, users can view available live games listed at the bottom of the screen, select the games they want to watch and switch between them. Various layout options Fans can also choose to display one match more prominently. Or watch two to four matches in split-screen view.”

And going back to full screen mode for a particular channel takes just “one click” and you can react to your audio settings on each channel for maximum control.

This feature is exclusive to the Apple TV app and is supported. “Major League Soccer Tournament Friday night baseball games and live MLS and MLB events.” which in the future there may be more updates Readers must note that this feature is only available on Apple TV 4K, so those with HD-enabled Apple TV models will not be able to benefit from this special….

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