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Apple will delay its new cheap iPhone until 2024


According to Kuo, Apple could postpone or even cancel the mass production of the iPhone SE (2024).

The "anti android" will have to wait: Apple will delay its new cheap iPhone to 2024
The fourth generation of the iPhone SE could delay its arrival a couple of years

Manzana high-end terminals are selling better, that is, The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Maxthan the mid-range ones and since this results in greater benefits for the firm because these devices have a higher price, everything seems to indicate that the Cupertino company could be considering a change of strategy with its cheapest mobiles, the iPhone SE.

In this sense, the renowned leaker Ming-Chi Kuo just posted a tweet in which he claims that Apple could postpone until 2024 the release of the iPhone SE 4, the great rival of the mid-range of Android.

The iPhone SE (2024) may not see the light

Kuo claims that Apple could postpone or even cancel the mass production plan of the new iPhone SE Due to the low sales levels of the mid-range iPhone, the iPhone SE 3iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 14 Plus, and also because Apple wants to change the design of the iPhone SE screen in this fourth generation, something that would increase manufacturing costs and, consequently, the price of the terminal would also be higher.

And we all know that one of the main strengths of the SE series is that it is the cheapest smartphone of the brandso a price increase would not sit well with him.

In addition, according to Kuo, this would also allow Apple to “reduce unnecessary costs of developing new products” and thus better face the, more than likely, global economic recession in 20223.

Apple plans to allow apps from outside the App Store to be installed on the iPhone

We will have to wait to see how Apple faces all the challenges it has on the horizon, including the manufacture of your first iPhone with a USB-C port and with compatibility for third-party stores, something that we surely will not see up to iPhone 16.

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