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Does Apple will Ship IPHONE 12 MINI & IPHONE 12 on OCT 5 ?

Does Apple will Ship IPHONE 12 MINI & IPHONE 12 on OCT 5 ?

On October 5th, Apple expects to ship out the first shipment of smartphones to distributors. The most affordable iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will be included and both will receive three configurations of memory: 64, 128 and 256 GB.

In addition, Jon noted that the minimum storage space would start at 128 GB for the bigger iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max versions. On October 13th, the presentation of the new iPhone is expected.

iPhone 12 lineup pricing and storage options based on recent rumors. Although nothing is confirmed, which one would you get? pic.twitter.com/OKyh3uC58V

— Apple Hub (@theapplehub) September 29, 2020

IPHONE 12 MINI will not support 5 G networks and will cost approximately $700.

Fans of Apple smartphones would have to pay a lot to join the 5 G community, judging by the latest data reported on the internet. The company’s most affordable fifth-generation smartphone will be the $1000 iPhone 12. But what about the iPhone 12 mini that’s been mentioned a lot lately? It will not, sadly, obtain help for 5G.

5 G will support the remainder of the iPhone 12 lineup. For the iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen, prices start from $1000. The iPhone 12 Pro with the same diagonal screen would cost an additional $100. Ok, according to multiple reports, the most expensive would be the iPhone 12 Pro Max at a price between $1200-1300.

iPhone 12 mini concept pic.twitter.com/BhEVLL1SSu

— @TecniPhone (@TecniPhone) September 27, 2020

According to the latest info, the iPhone 12 will debut on October 13th.


October 13 is among the dates most commonly heard for the rumoured presentation of the iPhone 12. While there are those who claim that Apple is superstitious and that the event on the 13th is unlikely to be planned, they are waiting for the new products to be revealed on October 20.

It is expected that there will be a place for the smallest iPhone among the latest items, which could be called the iPhone 12 mini, and it will receive a 5.4-inch screen. In the latest series of Apple smartphones, this model has a chance to become the best-selling smartphone. As a cost-cutting factor, some cite a weaker chipset than the other iPhone 12 line members.

For example, network whistleblower @SamirRaj4814 claims thatThe mid-range B14 chip was created by Apple. Its presence was, reportedly, the result of the intention of the company to decrease the price tag and offer an affordable model. They actually took the Apple A14 Bionic as a basis, but the frequency of the cores was “tightened.” It is likely that the iPhone 12 mini will not be the company’s only smartphone that will use the new chip. The forthcoming iPhone SE Plus might well be installed as well.

iPhone 12 mini all spec’s: pic.twitter.com/x7ujLyybLK

— Techno Samir (@SamirRaj4814) September 29, 2020


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