Amazon introduces new Alexa Privacy Controls


Amazon on Wednesday unveiled new privacy features that it claims would give users more control over how their private data is processed online, having frequently come under criticism for the suspected privacy shortcomings of its Alexa voice assistant. As part of the programme, users will now be able to select if their Alexa voice recordings should be saved or not. Via the Alexa app or by visiting Alexa Privacy Settings online, they can set their preferences.

When a user decides not to save their voice recordings, after Alexa processes their request, they will be automatically deleted. The videos previously saved will be removed as well. Before the recordings are disabled for good, users will still be able to check the transcripts of their interactions with Alexa for 30 days. They will also be able to uninstall them manually from their Alexa account during that time period.

It is also made easier by Amazon to remove all Alexa recordings via voice commands. For instance, by simply saying: “Alexa, delete everything I have said,” users can now delete all saved voice recordings associated with their account. This is in addition to the current voice commands that allow users to remove their recent recording history, “Alexa, remove what I just said” and “Alexa, delete everything I said today”.

Users can now also simply check their privacy settings by asking: “Alexa, how do I check my privacy settings?” ”. In that case, Amazon will provide a direct link to its personal Privacy Settings page inside the Alexa app, where users can learn more about the privacy features of Alexa and, if necessary , make adjustments to their privacy settings.

Amazon also said that while keeping consumer privacy front and centre, it would reveal more Alexa features in the future. “We are committed to inventing new useful experiences, while protecting your privacy and providing the controls that are most important to you, because privacy is central to everything we do,” the company said.

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