Home Tech Microsoft has partially killed Cortana…

Microsoft has partially killed Cortana…

Microsoft has partially killed Cortana…

Cortana – when virtual assistants are mentioned, the features of Cortana tend to be Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa; they are only for real Microsoft diehards.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Microsoft saw sense and decided to kill some of its own digital support. Cortana is still available on Windows 10, but for mobile users, either iOS or Android no longer is available.

Microsoft announced its decision to drop its support for Cortana on its iPhone and Android devices in the middle of last year. This is no news for many people. Yesterday, aid ended, so April 1st isn’t just the first day of the month but the first day Cortana mobile isn’t going to work. The discovery that mobile Cortana doesn’t exist any longer can be surprising to anyone using the Siri or Google Assistant to test an alternative digital assistant.

The news is confirmed by a post on a Microsoft support site titled “Using Cortana on iOS or Android.”

As we announced in July, Cortana’s support on Android and iOS will be terminated shortly as its productivity assistant continues to evolve.

As of 31 March 2021, the Cortana content that you created – for example, reminders and lists – won’t work any longer in the Cortana mobile app. Cortana also automatically synchronizes reminders, lists, and work to a Microsoft To Do app, that you can download for free on your phone.

The mobile app Cortana on your telephone will cease to be supported after 31 March 2021.



As explained by Microsoft, Cortana is still in Windows 10 and plans to kill it off on your desktop are missing.

Source Credit : Betanews 


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