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Google Stack is a Best Doc Scanning and Organizing alternative to CamScanner 2021


Google stack helps Android users search and organise documents on smartphones with ease, Google has created a new app dubbed Stack. It’s a document scanner app similar to CamScanner and the DocStack app, which was recently created by IIT-Delhi students.

The app is developed by Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, which creates a variety of innovative experimental applications and games. Google Stack was revealed in an official blog post by the company.

When it comes to the app, Stack allows users to search physical documents, arrange them, and store them safely on their Android devices. Furthermore, the software analyses the documents, extracts keywords from them, and makes them searchable using Google’s DocAI algorithms.

Main Features of Google Stack

Automatic organisation, searchable documents, and safe storage are all main features of Stack. To begin, when a user scans a document with the app, it analyses the keywords, names the document, and places it in the appropriate category, such as bills, receipts, and so on. Users would be able to quickly locate their documents in the app as a result of this.

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Pic credits : Google playstore

Users can also use Stack’s advanced search function to locate a particular document quickly. Users can browse through the full text of documents rather than only their names because the software analyses any keyword in the documents, such as bill amount, due date, and account numbers.

When it comes to encryption, Stack relies on Google’s advanced security and sign-in technologies to keep the documents secure. Biometric authentication can also be activated any time the app is opened. In addition, the app saves a backup of the users’ documents to their Google Drive account automatically.


This were some of the app’s most important features. It is currently only available in the Google Play Store in the United States. However, if Google Stack becomes successful, it may be made available globally in the coming weeks. If you live outside of the United States, especially India, and want to try out this app, click the link to download the APK.

Other Features

Scan with your phone
Scan your bills, receipts, and more into PDFs. Or import documents from the camera roll. Either way, your documents have a new home.

Make organizing easy
Stack automatically names and organizes your documents into useful categories

Never miss a detail
Stack finds important details in your document (like “total amount due”) and makes them easy to access

Private and secure
Stack uses Google’s world-class security to protect your data. You can also turn on fingerprint or face lock for extra peace of mind.

Automatic Back Up
Stack can back up all your documents to Google Drive

Stack has no ads or in-app purchases

Document search
Stack allows you to search all your documents with OCR



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