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Using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document

Using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document


Today, tools for document collaboration are more important than ever. In this article, we’ll explore how to integrate ONLYOFFICE DocSpace with Zoom for effective real-time editing and document sharing. Let’s dive into what ONLYOFFICE DocSpace collaboration with Zoom is and how to use it for collaborative document work.

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document

What is the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Zoom Collaboration feature?

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is a cloud-based document management and collaboration platform developed by ONLYOFFICE. This app offers productivity tools for creating, editing, sharing, and collaborating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and is available on the Zoom App Marketplace allowing the users a real-time collaboration during meetings.

The best part of this tool is its compatibility with various file formats, storing the files and changes made to it by the organizer and members of the meetings, and making it accessible to the users anytime they want. This is all possible by installing and integrating the app to the Zoom accounts, followed by making an account on DocSpace, and then starting this collaborating journey.

How to use ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document

If you want to use ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document:

  1. Signup/login to the ONLYOFFICE DocSpce
  2. Install and integrate ONLYOFFICE DocSpace with Zoom
  3. Start a meeting and utilize the tool

Let’s look this up in detail.

1] Signup/Login to the ONLYOFFICE  DocSpace

The first step to accessing the robust features of ONLYOFFICE DocSapce includes signing up or logging in. If you are using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for the first time, sign up and create an account, and if you already have an account, log in or we can also do the login procedure after installing and integrating ONLYOFFICE DocSpace into Zoom. To sign up, you need to go onlyoffice.com.

2] Install and integrate the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace into the Zoom

After creating an account on ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, here’s how to seamlessly integrate ONLYOFFICE DocSpace with Zoom.

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace (marketplace.zoom.us), log in to the account, search, and locate ONLYOFFICE in the search bar.
  2. Once found, click on it to view more details. Now, there will be two options available: Adds for others and Add for myself; select the latter one to install the integration.
  3. Ensure that all the necessary integration permissions are granted and settings are configured like document access permissions, collaboration options, and more.

Once the authentication process is done, launch Zoom, navigate to the Apps tab, click on OnlyOffice, and log in to the account.

3] Start a meeting and utilize the tool

Once it’s integrated, commence the meeting as usual, click on the Share Screen option in Zoom, and then select the document that needs to be shared, initiating a collaboration session. Now, participants in the Zoom meeting can view and edit the document in real-time through the ONLYOFFICE integration. And voila! That’s how we install, integrate, and utilize the collaboration tool provided by ONLYOFFICE with Zoom.

Even though there are various things to do with the ONLYOFFICE tool, one of its best features is creating a post-meeting room. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace allows you to categorize files into Rooms, making it simpler to locate the required file. Similarly, Zoom also provides the option of organizing files within its rooms. After a meeting, you can easily find the relevant Zoom room for the file you worked on or created. Generally, this room is titled with the meeting name or “Zoom Collaboration” along with the date and time. You can customize the name, add tags and an image, and invite others to cooperate on files after the meeting.

Pricing and cost

To integrate ONLYOFFICE with Zoom, users are not asked to pay anything; it comes at no cost. Moreover, users who register before August 1, 2024, are entitled to exclusive benefits for 6 months, including a limit of 100 admin users, 100 rooms, and 100 GB of free disk space. There are paid plans later as you go along.

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How do you collaborate on Zoom?

Just like any other video call platform, Zoom provides a great collaborative space to its users. You can easily create and send links to your peers and ask them to join using the same link.

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How do I share a document in a Zoom meeting?

You can send a document during a Zoom meeting over chat. Just go to the meeting’s chat section, if it’s visible, click on More > Chat or hit Ctrl + H. Once done, click on the File icon, select the required option and then send files with ease.

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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for Zoom to collaborate on Document


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