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How to use the Windows 10 Cortana File Finder tool

How to use the Windows 10 Cortana File Finder tool
  • A new Windows 10 Insider Preview for those on the Dev Channel has just been released by Microsoft.
  • As we have mentioned below, Windows 10 users can readily instruct Cortana to find and open files.
  • The Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa responses from Microsoft are very promising, so find out more about Cortana.

Microsoft has Latest launched a new Windows 10 Preview. Surprisingly, for Cortana, it brings a new feature, along with the usual repairs. Fans of Cortana should know that this feature helps them to use the same digital assistant they have used for years to quickly open and locate files.Cortana can allow users to locate files using their voice rather than sifting through documents by typing words, to be more accurate.

The benefits of this new function are clear. Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Insider Program programme manager, says:

You can now use Cortana to convert your thoughts into direct actions on your PCs to open and find files and save time spent navigating to locate and open files in apps/folders.

How do I use Windows 10 Cortana file finder feature?

The function we are talking about is included in version 2.2011.26701.0 or higher of Cortana. It can be downloaded from the Windows Insider channel via the Microsoft Store. If you are already running this version, please ask Cortana to check for files based on parts of the file name or on the name of the author. You can also notice a newly edited file (Hey Cortana, find my recent files). In addition, various file types can be searched for: .txt files, ppt and .pptx files, .doc and .docx files, and not only.

It’s enough to tell to find a document of a specific type: Hey Cortana, find my recent doc files. If Microsoft account users can take advantage of Cortana to locate files stored on their devices, business users who sign in with their corporate credentials to Cortana can also check for files saved on SharePoint and Business OneDrive. When finding and opening files, will this new Cortana feature make you more productive? In the comments area below, let us know your view.


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