Home News Amazon unveils the first vehicle for custom electric delivery

Amazon unveils the first vehicle for custom electric delivery

Amazon unveils the first vehicle for custom electric delivery

In collaboration with American automaker Rivian, Amazon has announced the first custom electric delivery vehicle built. Part of Amazon’s efforts to make all shipments net-zero carbon by 2040 is to build an in-house electric delivery vehicle.

Amazon says it will launch 10,000 custom delivery vans by 2022 through this collaboration. Moreover, the e-commerce giant has ambitious plans to increase its accessibility by 2030 to 100,000.

As for the custom electric vans themselves, with safety, navigation, and design features in mind, they are designed. Rivian has used sensor detection for highway & traffic assistance capabilities for instance. In addition, for hands-free access to route details and weather forecasts, Amazon has incorporated its voice assistant, Alexa.

The broad van windshield ensures that the driver has sufficient road and adjacent vehicle visibility. In terms of visibility, the electric van also offers 360-degree exterior cameras whose video output can be seen inside the cabin on the central display.

The van’s safety measures include a reinforced door on the driver’s side, bright tail lights at the back so that when the van applies the brakes, other vehicles can quickly distinguish and three layers of shelving with a bulkhead door.

We merged the technology of Rivian with our experience of distribution logistics, and the outcome is what you see here — the future of last-mile delivery. In an official blog post, Ross Rachey, Director of Amazon’s Global Fleet and Goods, said that we wanted drivers to enjoy using it and clients to feel happy when they saw it driving through their neighbourhood and pulling up to their house.

One of Amazon’s new efforts to raise the rate of acceptance of electric vehicles in its delivery fleet is this custom electric car.

The company has recently announced plans to introduce 1,800 electric vehicles in Europe and, in India, 10,000 e-rickshaws.


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