Home Gaming This special VR gaming treadmill is just what we need during the pandemic.

This special VR gaming treadmill is just what we need during the pandemic.

This special VR gaming treadmill is just what we need during the pandemic.

As we all know, from the comfort of our homes, virtual reality (VR) software helps us to roam through new worlds. In order to amplify the VR experience, we’ve already seen businesses create some innovative items. Now, a VR startup based in the US, called Virtuix, has created a treadmill to help you play VR games and keep fit at the same time.

Back in 2013, the company began the development of “Omni,” which is a special omnidirectional VR-supported treadmill simulator. Although an arcade- or business-focused product was the first iteration, the company will now allow you to invest in a home version of its system, which you will get sometime in 2021.

“A Treadmill With a Twist” The Omni One

It is basically a combination of a very slippery circular base and a 360-degree contraption with a vest to keep the user in place, called the ‘Onmi One’. Users would have to stand with special shoe covers on the slippery base and tie themselves to the contraption using the dedicated vest in order to use the unit.

He / she will be able to walk, run, leap, and crouch right on that circular base once the user sets up the unit. So, ultimately, though his / her feet slip on the almost friction-less circular foundation, the contraption keeps the user in place. In VR games, all of the movements then turn into real movements, which they can play by downloading from the company’s dedicated store.

Virtuix reports that, at the time of launch, they will add 30 VR titles to the store. Later, the firm plans to also feature third-party games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Now, just imagine how fun it will be to sprint across the map, for real, and take down Warzone enemies. It sounds great, huh? Even, with this VR treadmill, you can replace your Peloton to keep fit and active while playing your favourite VR games.

Now, the next question is, how much is the cost of this contraption?

You can check out a functioning Omni One demo video right here. And if you want to know more about the special treadmill game

You can visit the official website of Virtuix.


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