Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How To Increase RAM on PC by Using HDD Space In windows 2021 – 5 Steps

How To Increase RAM on PC – Need to Increase RAM memory of your Windows PC. You can utilize your extra hard drive space to RAM. Look at the below guide on the most proficient method to increase RAM in Windows PC utilizing HDD space.

Do you realize that your Windows hard drive can work a similar path as RAM (Random access memory)? In this article, we are going to discuss how to utilize Hard drive as RAM on Windows operating system. In any case, before we share the strategy, in this way we can increase ram

Our PC utilizes two kinds of memory – Physical and Virtual. The Physical one alludes to the RAM chips that were introduced on your motherboard. Then again, Virtual memory is the saved area of the hard drive. Windows utilizes this held area to store information of the applications that are open out of sight, yet not being used.

Increase RAM In Windows PC Using HDD Space

In this way, the more will be the RAM, the better will be the presentation and steadiness. In the event that you can’t manage the cost of RAM, at that point you can generally build the Virtual memory of your PC. This will fundamentally improve the application stacking rate and execution. Thus, we should realize how to utilize Hard drive as RAM on Windows.

Step 1. In your windows PC, Open ‘ My Computer or My Pc ’ and right-click on the empty screen there and select properties.

Step 2. Now on the left side, select the option Advanced Settings.

Step 3. Under the performance tab, click on the Settings option and you will see another dialog box.

Step 4.  click on the advanced section and there Virtual memory simply click on Change option.

Step 5. Now uncheck on the option Automatic Manage Paging and then choose the drive you want to paging memory to alter. Simply define the Custom Size there and simply click on set and then ok option.

Done! Now you can feel the performance change in your windows pc.

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