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Top 5 Best Websites – Custom PC Builder

Top 5 Best Websites – Custom PC Builder

Do you want to create your own computer? Use these top custom PC builder websites to assist you in getting started.

Building a personalised personal computer, particularly for beginners, can be very nerve-wracking. Fortunately, there is assistance available on the internet. Here are the five best custom PC builder websites to help you navigate the clutter and come up with ideas for your next rig.

1. Xidax – Optimal Warranty Period

Top 5 Best Websites - Custom PC Builder

Xidax’s PC systems come with a lifetime warranty on labour and components, which sets it apart from its rivals. However, certain exceptions exist, such as AMD video cards and liquid cooling components, which have limited warranties.

Xidax normally replaces faulty components for free with similar ones. Repairs may be made in exchange for in-store credit if any pieces of your PC are harmed. A 45-day money-back guarantee is also available from Xidax, subject to a 20% restocking charge.

The firm also offers some of the cheapest base gaming desktops and is famous for the quality of customised computer designs that work together with the matched components. Also well presented is Xidax online catalogue that lists the least powerful X-2 for the overpowering X-10.

This custom PC builder from Utah does not, however, have the same range as iBuyPower and CyberPower PCs. Xidax offers additional services including gravure, RGB illumination, CPU removal (deliding) and quicker delivery. A monthly payment option is also provided.

2. Digital Storm – Best for International Customers

Try Digital Storm customised PC, if you are outside of the United States. The company was established in 2002 and it sells custom stations, laptop and desktops for professional and gaming use, one of the few custom PC companies shipping worldwide.

Digital Storm has some of the cheapest game PCs on our list as well. For example, Lynx Mid Tower starts at $1,000 and features two GPUs. Must you pay for help? Financing options with monthly refunds are available.

The warranties for work can be extended to six years and part to four years. Also known for making complex installations and innovative water cooling configurations is Digital Storm.

This PC manufacturer has however not as much stocks as its other competing competitors. Your website also features a substructural construction tool with limited options.

3. BLD by NZXT – The perfect place to customise

BLD is relatively new in comparison to our list of the best custom builder websites. The brand is a subsidiary of NZXT, a well-known PC peripherals and hardware company. It also features one of the most extensive PC adaptations newbies and veteran PC builders can appreciate rapidly.

Contrary to most PC builders, BLD gives you total freedom to build your platform. You can build a WINDOWS 10 PC that responds to your personal needs and preferences by replying to a number of step-by-step questions on your website.

You can also select your budget, the main game to play and other parameters to select your platform’s best components. It gives you several recommended builds after entering all your filters. By adding peripherals like RGB lighting, cooling, coloured systems and more, users can continue to configure their units.

BLD only ships quickly 48 hours after your unit has been ordered. However, for carriage and assembly, the company charges a flat fee of $350.

4. CyberPowerPC – Best for startups

CyberPowerPC is one of the most suitable PCs for pricing, known for its wide range of components. You can build a gaming desktop here that is as small as $769. Financing options are also offered via Affirm.

In addition, custom gaming platforms for more hardcore gamers are available. CyberPowerPC also offers a broad range of services, from cable management to water-cooling solutions.

The site also includes an individual computer and laptop construction tool that can sort components on a budget basis. You can also enter your favourite settings and the game you want to play. The PC parts will then be created by CyberPowerPC to meet the FPS, resolution and other parameters you have previously set.

However, it takes up to a few weeks to ship CyberPowerPC slower. You can either sign up for Amazon Prime or pay a rushed shipping fee if you want your order shipped faster.

5. iBuyPower – Best for skilled gamers

iBuyPower is a builder of a custom PC designed for older players. The company was founded in 1999 and offers a daunting selection of components for beginner pc builders that could be confusing. It can nevertheless be a haven for those who research or have experience building PCs.

As far as pricing is concerned, iBUYPower has gaming systems below $1,000 in the Goldilocks area. Services such as water cooling, essential cable control, overclocking and custom gravure are also available.

The website of iBuyPower also has a simple builder tool that simplifies the process of PC creation. Just on the bat, you can select your processor between AMD or Intel. After that, some of its buildings are displayed. Filters like price, store, visual memory and special features can also be used to further tailor your requirements.

A 30 day money back guarantee for most purchases is also available from iBuyPower. iBuyPower, however, does not pay the cost of handling and delivery. In addition, a 15% restocking fee is applied to some products.

Choose for yourself the best custom PC website

Here you can find only some of the best online custom PC builders. Many names like Alienware, AVADirect, Maingear, the North West of Falcon and Velocity are also available, to name a few.

Whatever you choose from the best PC building site, you are comfortable in that the platform you buy is a built quality system with reasonable components and work coverage.


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