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New Fire TV Stick Lite launches in India from Amazon; price starts at Rs. 2,999

New Fire TV Stick Lite launches in India from Amazon; price starts at Rs. 2,999

Amazon is also upgrading the trusty TV dongle line-up alongside the new spherical Echo speakers and the flying surveillance camera. With a quicker processor and enhanced audio, the company has updated the original Fire TV Handle. To make online content available to a larger audience, a new Fire TV Stick Lite has also been added to the lineup.

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick ‘s biggest enhancement comes in the form of a 50 percent efficiency boost compared to its predecessor. However, it is said that it consumes 50 percent less fuel. The architecture of the dongle remains the same, but it now houses an upgraded quad-core 1.7 GHz processor. It allows the dongle to deliver out-of-the-box Full-HD (1080p) streaming at 60FPS with HDR support.

You also get onboard support for Dolby Atmos, along with Alexa Voice Remote via compatible speakers, which provides more flexibility than the ‘Lite’ version, which you can read about below. This remote includes buttons for control, mute, and volume. The Fire TV Stick works with 5GHz networks, as per the official blog post, all thanks to dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi support.

The Fire TV Stick was priced in India at Rs. 3,999 ($39.99 in the US) and will go on sale starting October 15.

Purchase Amazon.in’s Latest Fire TV Stick (Rs. 3,999)



Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon took the wraps off their most affordable Fire TV stick at the event today, in line with reports from earlier this week. Full-HD streaming with HDR support is supported by the Fire TV Stick to compete against the Rs. 2,799 Mi TV Stick in India.

The Fire TV Stick has the exact same design as its older sibling, and Amazon also claims to be equally powerful. You also get a new Alexa Voice Remote Lite that includes a voice button at the end, as you can see below. It allows you to ask Alexa to, as per the official release, “find, launch, and control content.”

The Fire TV Stick Lite was priced in India at Rs. 2,999 ($29.99 in the US) and will go on sale starting October 15.

Purchase Amazon.in’s Fire TV Stick Lite (Rs. 2,999)



New Experience on Fire TV

Amazon has also redesigned the Fire TV app alongside the updated Fire TV hardware to deliver a simpler and more intuitive experience. The ‘Home’ feed will immediately give you access to content that you would want to watch, as you can see below. You can now, from anywhere, hop into the streaming service of your choosing, like YouTube or Netflix.

By making them available in large categories, the “Find” section you see above will allow users to “discover great movies, TV shows, and more.” With this version, the Alexa voice experience for the Fire TV Stick has also been enhanced. All you have to do is say ‘Alexa, go to Live’ or ‘Alexa, go to Search’ to jump to the Live TV channels or the page to explore. Alexa may also be asked to switch user accounts, which can be up to six participants.

In the form of its video calling feature, the greatest improvement to the Fire TV experience comes. The Fire TV Cube can be used for video calls with Alexa with the latest Fire TV experience. Link a compatible Logitech webcam to the largest computer in your home to keep in touch with friends and family, says the blog post. Alexa video calls and support for Zoom are coming very soon.


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