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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Realme N1 Launched for Rs. 799 in India

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Realme N1 Launched for Rs. 799 in India

Realme launched a slew of products, including TVs, wireless earbuds, a new smartphone, a 360-degree camera, and more, at its mega IoT launch event today. In addition to all that, the company also revealed the Realme N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush that it claims will hygienically and more effectively provide better cleaning. It is Realme’s “most accessible electric toothbrush”.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Realme N1 Features

The Realme N1 Sonic comes with 99.99 per cent anti-bacterial bristles from DuPont Sta-clean that the company says will effectively prevent the build-up of bacteria. In order to remind users to replace the brush head, which is made of food grade plastic (polypropylene) approved by the US FDA, the bristles also have a blue indicator that fades over time.

This electric toothbrush operates with only 55dB of noise, as per the brand, which greatly enhances the experience of brushing. It comes fitted with an 800mAh battery that the company says will last on a single charge for up to 130 days, which means that in a year it will require only three full charges. It charges at the bottom via a USB Type-C port and provides overcharging and protection against over-voltage.


The N1 Sonic comes with a high-frequency motor for quicker and more efficient cleaning 20,000 times per minute. Three cleaning modes are offered by the toothbrush, including Gentle, Clean, and Polish. To ensure a thorough cleaning, it can also alert users to move areas every 30 seconds. Following two minutes of cleaning, it will also auto-stop. Finally, the system ships with an IPX7 certification denoting water resistance, meaning it can be cleaned like standard toothbrushes under running water.

Price and Availability

There will be two separate colours available for the Realme N1 Sonic electric toothbrush, i.e., blue and white.

It is priced at Rs.799 and, from 16 October at midnight, will be available for purchase on Realme ‘s website and Flipkart.


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