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The New Headphones from Marshall Help Wireless Charging

The New Headphones from Marshall Help Wireless Charging


Recently, Marshall introduced the newly updated Big IV headphone series, and well, there’s something remarkable about that. Exactly a decade ago, the high-end audio equipment maker launched its first-ever headphones, simply called the Big. And now, with support for wireless charging, Marshall has unveiled its fourth-gen Big headphones. Yeah, it is possible to wirelessly charge the headphones.

There are some wireless earbuds now that come with support for Qi wireless charging. There aren’t many over-the-ear headphones with the aforementioned technology, however. Well, the “Big IV” in this department is an exception, since it is simply a pair of wirelessly charged over-the-ear headphones.

There are two ways to charge this pair of headphones: you can either plug in a standard USB-C cable or use any wireless adapter that is Qi-compatible. So, this means that you can charge them using any smartphone that supports wireless reverse charging.

Coming to the battery life, with this one, which is also helped by quick charging, the company has managed to top their already satisfactory 60-hour Major III battery assertion to an impressive 80 + hours. “Marshall also argues that” this headphone is easy to use, more comfortable to wear and sounds much better.

These headphones fold into a compact size when not in use, which is made possible thanks to their new and enhanced folding mechanism. Apart from this, for those who want wired connexions, there is also a 3.5 mm headphone port.

Moreover, when it is attached to it, this 3.5 mm jack also acts as an audio source for other wired headphones. Even when the large battery gets drained out, it still helps you to continue using the headphones. On one of the earcups, there is also a regular joystick controller, which enables the user to control media replication, speed, and other important functions.

The headphones are now available for pre-order at the official Marshall online store. It comes in at $149 a piece (~Rs 10,897). Marshall says they will soon begin shipping the orders.


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