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HYPHEN 2 – latest TWS Earbuds, you can get 36 hours of playtime

HYPHEN 2 – latest TWS Earbuds, you can get 36 hours of playtime

In the current scenario, genuinely wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds have become all the rage with the rise of wireless technology and the elimination of the headphone jack from smartphones. To meet the growing demand for these, we have seen several companies such as Vivo, LG, Panasonic, and Razer come up with TWS earbuds. Today, with its latest device, which is obviously a pair of TWS earbuds, there is one small start-up aimed at “changing the game of wireless earbuds.”

A pair of wireless earbuds promising to offer immersive audio is the Hyphen 2, built by the same Swiss startup, Rolling Square, which gave us the super-handy inCharge 6 cable. While the nature of the earbuds looks very similar to other earbuds on the market, there is a significant amount of battery backup available for the Hyphen 2.

Playtime 36 Hours?

Now, all the cool features you would find in high-end TWS earbuds come with the Hyphen 2. The highlight of this product, however, is its battery life.

Rolling Square says that, with a single charge, the earbuds will last up to nine full hours. That’s pretty nuts, given that most of the latest earbuds have a single charge for up to 5-6 hours of playtime.

In addition, an additional 27 hours of power for the earbuds is provided by the charging case, which comes with an integrated gyroscope. This brings the earbuds’ cumulative playtime to a whopping 36 hours. Apart from this, the company has built a proprietary 3-pin charging device that can juice up the earbuds in just 15 minutes of charging for 6 hours of playtime.

The Hyphen 2 also packs “one of Qualcomm’s most reliable and lightweight Bluetooth 5 chipsets ever made” for maintaining effective and secure connexions with your smartphone. Also, with different touch and tap gestures, users can monitor just about everything from media playback to answering and rejecting calls.

You can take a look at the official Hyphen 2 video right below.

These strong earbuds come in a variety of beautiful colours, including a gentle, pastel-y pink hue, while keeping all the features aside.

The business is currently running an Indiegogo product campaign and has already met its fundraising goal of 3511 supporters. For €58 (~Rs 5,027), you can pre-order the system for yourself or for someone you love. The company plans to begin shipping the orders by the end of this year.


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