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Microsoft Will Soon Let iPhone Users Easily Stream Xbox Games

Microsoft Will Soon Let iPhone Users Easily Stream Xbox Games
Credit : Microsoft

Earlier in September, Microsoft officially rolled out its much-hyped cloud gaming service, formerly known as Project xCloud. If you’ve been keeping track, you ‘d know it was only made available to Android phone and tablet users initially. Due to Apple’s regressive App Store practises, iPhone users are kept away from Xbox’s cloud gaming.

Microsoft has now chosen, first noticed by The Verge, to ship a major Xbox app update with a workaround that will enable iOS users to stream games to their mobile phones. The organisation has now chosen to allow remote play in its iOS app. This means that Xbox owners will be able to stream to their iPhone any game from their console. You do not realise that we’re not talking about xCloud Project , i.e. cloud gaming.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app for iPhone lets you stream Xbox games to an iPhone ? It’s coming soon, and here’s how it works. More information here: https://t.co/zsQ7S2cEis pic.twitter.com/env64JlaAt

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) September 25, 2020



Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, shows off the latest Xbox app for iPhones, as seen in the tweet above. This brings the same redesign as the Android version, holding all your games, list of friends, game clips recently saved, and more. For console owners, the highlight that we are here to speak about is the latest ‘Connect’ functionality.

When you want to connect to a console that is connected to the same account, your Xbox One X will boot up and allow you to play some of the games that you’ve installed on your console. To get started playing a game on the move, you simply need to connect a controller over not only a Wi-Fi link, but also LTE or 5G networks. Not only can you stream games from your console, but you can also control your iPhone library.

This new Xbox app is currently under TestFlight testing and offers an option to the owner of the Xbox console. But, owing to the ludicrous App Store rules of Apple, those who have been waiting to try out Project xCloud on their iPhone, the same as Android users, can’t do the same. Apple notes that once they are willing to list all of the games available for streaming individually on the App Store, cloud gaming platforms, such as Stadia and xCloud, will encourage them.


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