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Best ios 14 features for iphone and ipad

Best ios 14 features for iphone and ipad

Looks brand fresh.
Only feel like home.

iOS 14 gives you a fresh look, make things easier than ever before. New technologies help you get what you need right now. And the applications you use are getting smarter, personal and private all the time.

Compact Interface for Call

One of the biggest annoyances of the iPhone was finally tackled in iOS 14. In the previous version of iOS, the phone call interface would take up the entire screen whenever you receive an incoming call. Thus an incoming phone call will interrupt everything you did at the moment, whether it was watching a film, sending a text message, etc.

By presenting incoming calls as unobtrusive banner notifications, iOS 14 has fixed that glaring flaw. When the incoming call banner is on screen , users will still be able to communicate with applications, switch between devices, go back to home screen etc. This is a much better user experience compared to before.

Image in Figure

As a former jailbreaker, Picture in Picture is a feature I’ve used to enjoy watching videos while working on other tasks in the past. It’s wonderful to see it finally arrive as a native feature for iPhone. Picture in Picture has of course been available on the iPad for many years, so using it for both videos and FaceTime calls on the small screen is a major boost in usability.


Widgets have been available for several years in iOS but iOS 14 marks the first time they can be placed directly on the home screen. This not only adds some much-needed variety to a stale-looking home screen interface, but it also allows you to take advantage of the information that widgets present without going anywhere else.

Library app

It’s been a long time coming, but iOS 14 eventually brings the iPhone with an Android-esque App Library feature. App Library consists essentially of five functions in one, including:

  1. Apps organised automatically by category
  2. Remove apps without uninstalling apps from home screen
  3. Remove Home Screen pages
  4. Search quickly for the apps on your iPhone

The App Library makes the look of your iPhone’s Home screen much easier to cure. Your home screen no longer needs to be inundated with apps and/or folders pages and pages that you rarely use.

4K Support to YouTube

Adding 4K YouTube support isn’t exclusive to iOS 14, as all Apple platforms finally gain access. This is due to the decision by Apple to end up promoting the VP9 codec Google uses for 4K video.

Although there is no iPad or iPhone with a 4K display yet, being able to watch 4K video means that users can take advantage of the higher-resolution displays that modern iPhones and iPads have, and perhaps more importantly, benefit from the higher 4K content bitrates.


iOS already had the ability to highlight replaceable emoji words in typed text, which helped to render emoji discoverable, but iOS 14 allows it possible to search for suitable emoji directly via a new search feature. For Emoji search, which appears above the emoji keys, you can simply type in the words describing the emoji you ‘re searching for and all the corresponding results will appear.

Aid to approximate location

iOS 14 brings new privacy enhancements to the table, including the option to include approximate position for apps rather than a precise GPS location. This is a great privacy feature that prevents apps from revealing your exact location when the desired functionality of the device does not require these information. An approximate location may be used, for example, for a website to display a nearby store, or for a weather app to display the current weather in your area.

Enhanced interface with Siri

The revised Siri interface is still a good addition to iOS 14 but not as useful as the lightweight call interface. Just like with the previous iteration of iOS, it doesn’t take the entire screen, you can always see the app that you are using in the background when invoking Siri.

Sadly, when Siri is at work, trying to communicate with background apps could cause the assistant to be dismissed. On the iPhone, that’s understandable but on the fairly large iPad canvas it seems strange.

Updates to Music App

The third developer preview for iOS 14 unveiled several new features of the Music app, including full-screen, color-matched backgrounds on the now-playing gui, subtle haptic feedback while interacting with playback controls, a new autoplay function that keeps music running while you hit the end of a queue, and the ability to restart playback even after you have left.

Find App Clips

App Clips are easy to discover and use right in the moment you need them. Like renting a cycle, paying for parking, ordering food, and more.


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