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Ring’s New “Car Cam” will use Alexa to capture police-driver interactions

Ring’s New “Car Cam” will use Alexa to capture police-driver interactions

In addition to releasing the updated Amazon Echo speaker, Echo Dot, and the Amazon-owned home security company’s cloud game-streaming service, Ring also introduced an array of new hardware. The unusual indoor-flying home surveillance camera, the “Always Home Cam,” is one of them. The first security hardware for cars, the “Ring Car Cam,” is another device introduced by Ring.

The “Car Cam” is the first hardware device from the primary home protection domain of the company. This marks the first step towards Ring expansion. And as they incorporated several useful features into the latest in-car camera system, it looks like the business is going in the right direction.

Ask Alexa to document Police Driver Interactions

Now, coming to the “Car Cam,” one of the most valuable and courageous aspects of the in-car camera is that when and if they are pulled over, it will start capturing a user contact with the police with only a voice order. He / she should simply say ” Alexa, I’m being pulled over “when a driver is pulled over by the police to trigger the” Car Cam “to capture the encounter, save the video in the cloud storage, and notify the selected emergency contacts.

The functionality is very similar to the Siri Shortcut we saw earlier this year. Unlike that one, you don’t need your smartphone to use the “Car Cam” feature, though.

In addition to this “Traffic Stop” feature, the “Car Cam” ring can also hold your car’s watch when left unattended. The camera will be used to track the car’s surroundings to check for any signs of break-ins or vandalism. The device will warn the user via the Ring app if it detects any possible threat.

Ring also says that with its “Car Cam”, car manufacturers could add their own in-car protection system. As owners of Tesla Model S, Y, X, and 3 will soon gain access to Tesla’s in-car safety device, the “Sentry Mode,” directly in the Ring app, Tesla is one of the early adopters of the device.

The “Ring Car Cam” will come for $200 (~ Rs 14,740) compared to the price of the hardware. On the company’s official website, you can check out the new ‘Ring Car Cam’.


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