Home Gaming Xbox Series S Finally releases, Expected to be priced at $299

Xbox Series S Finally releases, Expected to be priced at $299

Xbox Series S Finally releases, Expected to be priced at $299

Fast as 2020 sounds, the wait for the next-gen console news was a long, sluggish march. It’s almost amusing that we’ve had storeys of a cheaper Xbox coming out alongside the new X Series for months and months, but it’s something that Microsoft has yet to announce. At least Sony has released both the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Downloadable Version in one go. For whatever excuse, Microsoft is keeping the Series S under wraps. That’s shocking, given that we’ve seen references to the S-Series on leaked controller packaging and other sites.

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting to get some more cheap next-gen Xbox coverage, you ‘re lucky. Finally, we’ve seen some positive leaks about the Xbox Series, including its architecture and, even, pricing.

Based on the leaked image (through Thurrot), the Series S takes its design cues from the Series X as planned. It’s much smaller, though, and in its vertical orientation, with its wide circular fan, it seems more like a speaker than anything else. Okay, at least to me.

Even, as predicted, the Xbox Series S doesn’t seem to have a disc drive. Yeah, essentially, it’s going to buy all of the games online from the Xbox website. That’s the same path Sony has taken with the low-end PS5 Digital Model, but it’s obvious that both companies will be reaching a much broader audience this year.

The Series S is priced at $299, according to the leaked screenshot. The price has also been corroborated by a new Windows Central study, which further notes the Microsoft will now sell the console as part of a $25 a month Xbox All Access package. In addition, Series X is projected to be priced at $499. The article also adds that the two consoles would be released on 10 November.

The $299 price for the Xbox Series S is perfect. After all, for someone who doesn’t fall for 4 K gaming right now, having the opportunity to play next-gen games for just $299 instead of $499 is a fantastic deal. In reality, that’s what Sony aims to do with the PS5 Digital Version.

Hopefully, Microsoft will publicly announce the Series S shortly, and both firms will also reveal the pricing for their games. Considering the launch date of the Xbox Series X on 10 November, it seems likely that the final announcement of the Series S should be on the horizon.

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