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MediaTek shows the 1000C 5G chipset feature

MediaTek shows the 1000C 5G chipset feature

MediaTek has the most popular 5G mobile chipset. The MediaTek Dimension 1000C is one of the 5G network supporting dimensional chipsets. However, this is also the chipset inside the first 5G-powered MediaTek phone in the United States. The new LG Velvet on the T-Mobile network in the country will be aboard the latest system.

T-Mobile and MediaTek have collaborated to drive the 5G revolution forward, Ryan Sullivan, VP of Product Growth at T-Mobile, from the first single 5 G phone call to the co-operation on the first 5G modem in America.

On a process of 7nm is built the octa-core dimension 1000C. The chipset uses four 2-GHz ARM Cortex-A77 and a 2-GHz high-efficiency ARM Cortex-A55. The Mali-G57 MC5 graphics ARM GPU is also featured.

The Dimension 1000C can handle cameras in a resolution of up to 64MP, or set up a dual 32MP+16MP camera. The ISP supports 4K video capturing, together with features such as video bokeh, EIS, and more. The chipset supports 5G SA/NSA networks and supports WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1 as well. (no support for WiFi 6, unfortunately).

In addition, AV1 HDR and YouTube AV1 codecs are supported in the new Chipset. MediaTek works with Twitch to mobile AV1 streaming. In addition, the chipset supports the wakeup of dual voice and dual displays. The Dimension 1000C in fact is the first MediaTek chipset to support two smartphone displays.

“Compared with other parts of the world, US consumers have had little choice for 5G smartphones on the chipset side,” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy Director General of the Wireless Communications Business Unit of MediaTek. “MediaTek aims to provide more options and expand access to 5G devices for consumers, so that they can benefit from the premium features and speeds which define the next mobile computer era.


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