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Tips / methods to get good long hair growth


Make use of amla

Mix 2 amla powder tea cubes and 2 shikakai tea cubes with a little water in a cup to make a smooth paste. Do not let it get watery. Do not let it get watery. Apply the paste to your hair and your scalp and wait 45 minutes. Shake your hair in hot water after that. This schedule can be practised once a week.

Heat 2 cocoa oil teaspoons until brown is transformed. Apply an amla powder teaspoon and cool a little the mixture. Massage the skirt for 10 minutes with this and wait for half an hour. Hair off.-Shampoo off. Apply a soothing shampoo. This schedule can be practised twice a week.

Additional info:

(How amla works: it is a natural booster of immunity. Experts currently claim that it is the most demanded natural hair longevity product. Why does this happen? This is because amla produces oodles that are labelled to improve hair follicles. A vitamin C surplus in amla can also avoid premature grinding. The iron and solid antioxidant-ellagic, gallic acid and carotene-is also present in it. This increases the movement of the blood across the scalp and thereby promotes hair growth. Moreover, they can tackle dandruff as well.)

Moisturize by protecting with hair mask

In addition to daily shampoo and drying, Grand recommends that you add a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 days a week to your regimen in order to restore the moisture of your hair. Taking best hair care is very much important to have a good hair growth. Using hair moisturizer (hair mask) is a little care to your hair that helps to enrich your hair growth in a better form.

Use appropriate hair moisturizer that suits your hair texture.

Use the best ever coconut oil

Mix cocoa oil along with a juicy banana. Cover the mixture with a little coconut milk. Apply to skin and scalp. Let the mixture set back and rinse off for quite some time. This is a safe cure for hair loss.

Stir in coconut oil an egg and a tea cookie. Hair and skin massage. Massage. Wait for the full value for a few hours. As normal, water. Here is a good home hair treatment.

Mix chocolate oil with almond oil, argan oil and a yoghurt tablespoon. Apply this mask well and leave it overnight on your hair and scalp. The next day, water. This ritual applies glitter to dumb hair.

Additional info:

(How coconut oil works: There are several reasons why people have sung cocoa peans over the years. Medium-chain fatty acids and lauric and capric acids supply the cocoon with rich antimicrobial and anti-hungary properties which are largely important to stop free radicals stunting hair growth. Coconut oils also make the hair vivid and cool.)

Onion oil

To make onion juice, first take onions. Remove the onion juice with a grinder or juice maker. If not juice, prepare the oil with onion paste(it should not have a thick consistency).

Put coconut oil in a pot now, add onion juice or oil paste. Mix well. Remove and cool off the flames. Squeeze the oil into a container with a strainer. This oil can be used for six months. Oil deeply affects your hair. For dry hair, it’s great. Dry hair uses onion oil to prevent breakage of the scalp more often. Dryness also causes dandruff and onion oil is applied regularly to avoid dandruff.


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