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Apple would launch its first folding device in 2026 and it would not be an iPhone


Apple’s first folding device would not be an iPhone, Apple is committed to a hybrid between iPad and Mac.

Apple would launch its first folding device in 2026 and it would not be an iPhone
A hybrid between iPad and Mac would be Apple’s first foldable

Although we have had foldable phones on the market for a long time, we do not have none by Apple. And the fact that we do not have it does not mean that we are not going to see it, because the truth is that the company has been exploring the option of a foldable iphone for several years, since it has several patents and would have carried out tests in its factories by opening and closing two models of this device about a hundred thousand times.

Although Apple has been working on the launch of a foldable iPhoneIt seems that we will still take time to see it. As pointed out from PatentedApplethe company has patents various folding devices and one of them will be the one that will debut in 2026, but bad -or good- news, it will not be an iPhone.

Apple’s first foldable device won’t be an iPhone

According to the information that has recently come to light, the first apple device will bea -roll of drums- a macbook. The company would be in talks with companies like LG and Samsung, to make this project possible for the year 2026so we will have to wait at least two years to see this technology in the Apple ecosystem.

The company has been emphasizing for years that the iPad can also be a computer and it seems that the reason would be to prepare for that device that would arrive in 2026: a hybrid between MacBook and iPad. A large touch screen that unfolded would be a tablet and folded a MacBook with a touch keyboard.

though apple has multiple patents for a foldable iPhone as an anti-crack screen, it seems more logical that they start with that assumption hybrid between Mac and iPad in 2026. What is not clear, yes, is the operating system for which they would bet, if it were Mac OSthey should prepare it for tickets tactile.

foldable iphone

Foldable iPhone concept

It is not the first time that we see rumors about a foldable ipadanalysts like Ming Chi Kuo They have reported that the company would be working on a device with these characteristics, so sooner rather than later we may end up seeing it.

In conclusion, although the idea of ​​a foldable iphone arousing great interest, the leaks suggest that Apple is exploring a different and potentially more innovative path. Apparently, Apple bets on merge the functionalities of its two flagship products: the MacBook and the iPadin a unique and versatile folding device.

Although we still have to wait a few years to see this product in action, the proposal could completely change the way we think about Apple devices.

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