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Apps move to the right or left when a full-screen game or app is launched.


Apps move to the right or left when a full-screen game or app is launched.

If when launching a game or a full-screen application, another application moves to a different location, this post will help you solve this problem. Most games run in full screen mode. However, if the rest of the apps move to the right or left, it’s annoying. So, let’s figure out how to solve the problem.

Why do apps move left or right?

When a fullscreen application is launched, it is set to a specific resolution. Some games adjust to their own screen resolution, while others use settings set by the game or app developer. It does not provide better graphics if forced to use a different resolution.

When games are launched at their resolution and you’re on dual screen, you should see part of the app or game on the second screen. Any other app on the second screen should be offset.

Apps move to the right or left when a full-screen game or app is launched.

These possible solutions can help you resolve a permission issue that causes the app to move left or right.

  1. Switch the game resolution according to the screen
  2. Change monitor screen resolution
  3. Change scaling for Nvidia hardware
  4. Change main monitor in settings

You will need to figure out the Windows settings, change the game resolution settings right in the game, and so on.

1]Switch the game resolution according to the screen

Some games allow you to enable automatic adjustment in the graphics section. This option ensures that when you launch the game, it detects the resolution of the main monitor and launches the game on it. If there is no auto-tuning, you can set the resolution or use the nearest one available in the game settings.

2]Change the screen resolution of your monitor.

Change Screen Resolution in Windows

Some monitors support higher resolutions, but users use lower resolutions because text is too small and scaling doesn’t help much. If there is no other way to change the in-game resolution settings, you can increase it, play the game, and change back.

This method is annoying because you have to do it every time. An alternative way is to use an app or keyboard shortcut to quickly change it.

3]Change scaling for Nvidia hardware.

You can change the scaling if your PC or laptop has Nvidia hardware or GPU. This can be handy when you have no other choice and need to make sure that the full screen game stays on the monitor and doesn’t spread to another.

  • Open Windows Search (Win + S), find the Nvidia Control Panel and open it.
  • go to display > Adjust desktop size and position.
    Change scaling for Nvidia hardware
  • Here you can change the zoom and size for the game or application.

You will need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

4]Change Primary Monitor

The problem is primarily seen in a dual monitor setup. If you have two different monitors with different resolutions, you can change your primary monitor in Windows to a higher resolution monitor.

How to force applications to open on the primary monitor in Windows 11/10

Games always run on the monitor set as the primary. Once you change it and launch the game, it will run at the new resolution and adjust accordingly. It will no longer move to the right or left when running a full screen game or app.

Why are games running on the wrong monitor?

All games are set to run on the primary monitor. If the games don’t offer this as an option, you can’t force the game to run on a second monitor. The only way out is to change the main monitor and start the game.

How to change the screen on which the application opens?

You can’t do it, but here are some tips. You can use Windows + Left/Right to move apps from one monitor to another or between sections. The second is to launch the application from the monitor’s taskbar. If the application is not open, it will run on the same monitor.

In this article, we looked at how apps move to the right or left when running a full-screen game or app. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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