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Artificial intelligence can end the planet and this is a solution to save it


There is an ideal material to help AI not pose the incredible problem that they have today.

Artificial intelligence can end the planet and this is a solution to save it
Artificial intelligences could end the world in a way you can’t imagine

Artificial intelligences are a danger to the planet in a way that you may not even be imagining. A lot of people talk about jobs that will disappear because of ChatGPT and other conversational AIs. However, the truth is that this is not the point that should be feared as a society, but at the environmental problem that can be generated if they continue to proliferate in such an absolutely remarkable way.

Something that we are already seeing, since all the companies they want to have their own AI. we already saw it with to Google AIbut the thing does not stop there, since it is expected that others will slowly appear.

Why artificial intelligence is a danger to the planet

In accordance with The countryAIs consume a real barbarity. Most occupy data centers and supercomputers biggest in the worldso they are already consuming a good part of all the world’s energy expenditure. The problem is that in the future they could consume one sixth of all the energy in the world. This implies a high risk, since as Manuel G. Pascual warns in the article, a normal Google search hardly consumes energy, but ask a conversational AI yes.

This is because, you ask the AI ​​and it does a gigantic search through trillions of web pages in order to find the solution. Therefore, the energy footprint it leaves is very remarkable.

Besides, training an AI is very expensiveeven though they don’t exist yet specific data on consumptionsince the companies remain quite discreet regarding the costs that the investigation in these subjects is having. Also, development is still ongoing as all the AIs are in very early versions and are not yet capable of fulfilling very complex functions.

In summary, AIs endanger the planet by:

  • AIs are housed in supercomputers and cloud-connected computers.
  • An AI search consumes a lot more than a regular search.
  • All this leads to a high energy consumption that endangers the planet.

This is the solution so that artificial intelligence does not end the planet

As pointed out from 3DGamesthe solution could be tritiuma material that forms naturally in the uppermost part of the atmosphere. It is formed directly by the influence of cosmic rays but is not produced in large quantities. On the contrary.

Is a good incredibly scarce and has only 20kg annual production but its potential is completely and utterly brutal. Basically because it makes it possible to discard nuclear energy and replace it with deuterium and tritiumfusing these elements you can generate a huge amount of electricity matching or exceeding the capabilities of any power plant today but with much less cost of material.

In addition, nuclear waste is also removed along the way, since it is not generated with this new system. However, at the moment the project is still in very preliminary phases, although the main countries of Asia, Europe and America have joined forces to research more about these elements.

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