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artificial intelligence issued data on demand

artificial intelligence issued data on demand


Nvidia did not keep its secrets: artificial intelligence issued data on demand

Researchers have found that Nvidia’s artificial intelligence system can be fooled by simply replacing a letter in a query.

Researchers discover potential vulnerability in artificial intelligence (AI) software Nvidiawhich may lead to a breach of security and disclosure of confidential information.

Nvidia has developed the “NeMo Framework”, a system designed to work with the large language models that are the basis for AI products such as chatbots. This system is used by businesses to combine their own company data with language models to provide answers to questions, thus replacing the work of help desk representatives or providing simple healthcare advice.

However, researchers from Robust Intelligence, a company headquartered in San Francisco, have found that the security restrictions put in place for the safe use of AI can be easily bypassed. They figured it out after spending several hours analyzing the data using Nvidia’s system.

In one experiment, the researchers were able to force the Nvidia system to replace the letter “I” with a “J”, which led to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from a database. Researchers have found that they can bypass security restrictions in other ways as well, such as causing the model to deviate from something it’s not supposed to. By echoing Nvidia’s example of narrowly discussing the employment report, they were able to translate the model into topics like the health of a Hollywood movie star and the Franco-Prussian War—despite the taboos meant to keep AI from escaping specific topics.

The ease with which researchers circumvented security measures highlights the challenges AI companies face when trying to commercialize one of the most promising technologies to emerge from Silicon Valley in recent years.

The researchers advised their customers to avoid using the Nvidia product. Nvidia has said that it has fixed one of the root causes of the issue cited by analysts.


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