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Attackers are increasingly using AI in social engineering attacks


Attackers are increasingly using AI in social engineering attacks

There is no end to customers: ChatGPT has made companies in the information security industry rich.

British company darktrace warned that since the release of ChatGPT, cybercriminals are increasingly using artificial intelligence to create sophisticated fraudulent schemes that manage to effectively deceive employees of various enterprises around the world. In particular, the unfortunate social engineering given to a chatbot even better than a real person. Therefore, the neural network greatly facilitates the process of attacking enterprises for “hacktivists”.

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT last November, Darktrace has seen an increase in the number of compelling and sophisticated scams by hackers. But the number of such attacks only continues to grow with time. The biggest increase was in attacks using phishing emails.

Darktrace specialists also reported that there was no new wave of cybercriminals. For the most part, it is the current hacker groups that change tactics and take into circulation such a convenient tool as ChatGPT. Experts believe that the neural network helps attackers develop more targeted, personalized and, ultimately, more successful attack schemes.

The increased number of fraudulent incidents is forcing organizations to turn more frequently to the services of cybersecurity professionals. The same Darktrace, which reported statistics on ChatGPT, increased its market capitalization by 3.5 times, as the company’s customer base increased by a quarter after the release of the popular neural network.

That’s who bankruptcy definitely does not threaten, these are similar companies. While attackers are rapidly mastering large language models, cybersecurity professionals are lining their pockets. It’s time to think about a career in this industry, isn’t it?

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