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Battlefield 2042 has a bug that prevents viewing from sides

Battlefield 2042 has a bug that prevents viewing from sides


With the third major update Battlefield 2042 should have become a more stable game, and not with a lot of game-breaking bugs. But according to a post from the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account, as well as several Reddit users, some PC players have been unable to enter data horizontally with the mouse since the patch was loaded. In simple terms, this means they can’t even look both ways before crossing the street.

Naturally, the inability to look left or right in Battlefield 2042, as it would be in any game, completely ruins the experience for some PC players. However, there is a fix for this bug, but players must be prepared to lose all of their game settings in order to implement it.

To re-enable horizontal typing on PC, players need to go to My Documents, Battlefield 2042, Settings in their file directory and delete their PROFSAVE files. Removing them will restore the game’s default settings, which also means losing any custom keybindings that may have been set by players. However, according to the Battlefield Bulletin Twitter post, players only need to delete a certain number of lines in a single file.

Along with this bug, Battlefield 2042 developers have noted a spike in the “Unable to load save data” error, which prevents players from connecting to the match. An infamous bug prevented countless users from logging into games after the game launched in Early Access last November. Unfortunately for the players, there is nothing they can do to fix this problem, it is completely server side, so they just have to wait for the game developers to solve it.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, according to the leak, seasonal skins have been added to the game, including a Santa costume for one of the game’s specialists.


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