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Best 5 compass applications for your mobile


We have compiled the best compass apps that you can download for free on your Android mobile or tablet and we will tell you about their main features.

Best 5 compass applications for your mobile
Use your phone as a compass when you need it most with these free apps.

The compass is still a very useful instrument when we need to orient ourselves. We don’t always carry a compass with us, do we, because mobile phone can do the functions thanks to components such as the accelerometer that it equips. On some occasions, the mobile itself comes factory-installed with a compass app. If this is not your case, or you simply do not like how it works, in this article we recommend Top 5 Compass Apps for Android.

There are dozens of compass apps that we can find on the google play storeAll of them promise high precision when pointing to magnetic north. However, it may be that you prefer those that opt ​​for a simpler interface, or you opt for one that comes loaded with other features beyond the compass. The variety is wide, so we are going to tell you the main features of the best compass apps and you choose your favorite.

Best compass apps for your mobile

The compass can be a key tool in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or when going out to sea. Yes, the most normal thing is that we carry our mobile at all times, but the GPS does not always work correctly and there may be situations in which we have to resort to the compass. Because It is good to always have a good compass app installed like the ones we recommend below.

  • Compass
  • compass maps
  • Digital compass
  • Compass Steel 3D
  • Compass : Digital Compass


Compass App

In the Compass app you can customize the colors of the interface.

One of the best compass apps that you can install on your mobile is simply called Compass. IS completely free and is characterized by its simple operation. In addition to indicate magnetic northit also informs you about the time at which the sun rises, the altitude at which you are and the time at which the sun sets through small graphics at the top of the screen.

A very interesting feature is that the user can customize interface colors. For example, you can color the elements yellow, as you see in the image above. Of course, we must also emphasize that has no adsso it can be used freely without annoying advertising. If you want to try Compass, you can download it for free through the following link.

Google Play Store | Compass

compass maps

Compass Maps App

With this app you can see the compass directly on the map.

Another option is compass mapsthat is characterized by showing your location in real time in a map on which you can also see the compassthus the orientation will be easier. Also, you can share your location through apps What WhatsApp so that other people know about it. Beyond this, Compass Maps is a fairly simple app that will allow you to see where magnetic north is.

Currently, this application accumulates more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store, with a very good average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It does not have ads and you can download it for free through the following link, do not hesitate to give it a try.

Google Play Store | compass maps

Digital compass

Among the best compass apps for mobile phones there is also Digital compassscam a minimalist design which greatly simplifies its use. Basically, the main screen consists of a compass that accurately marks magnetic north. Yes a calibration is necessaryYou just have to follow the process as explained in the previous video.

With this application we can also know the exact location in which we are, both for the address and for the longitude and latitude of the place. In addition, we can copy both data to share it through other applications. If you want to position yourself better, you can also use a map within the app. In short, Digital Compass is a simple application, but loaded with useful functions.

Google Play Store | Digital compass

Compass Steel 3D

3D Steel Compass App on a mobile and a tablet

You can use 3D Steel Compass on both mobile and tablet.

If you prefer a classic design, you will find it in the application Compass Steel 3D. This offers us two compass modes to choose from, magnetic north and true north. In addition, it also indicates the positions of the Sun and the Moon, as well as the time the sun rises and the time the sun sets every day. As you can see in the image above, you can use it with both your mobile and your tablet.

3D Steel Compass lets you customize the interface by choosing between several different color modes for the compass. It has no advertisingwhich is always a plus point. Also, being free, You do not have to pay anything to download it now and start enjoying its functions.

Google Play Store | Compass Steel 3D

Compass : Digital Compass

Compass Digital Compass App

This compass app has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store.

One of the most popular compass apps on the Play Store is Compass: Digital Compasswith over 10 million downloads to date. This is a digital compass that works with great precision when it comes to indicating magnetic north. It also serves to inform you about data such as altitude, magnetic field strength and current location.

Google Play Store | Compass: Digital Compass

A detail in favor of this application is that it shows you the current state of compass accuracy. If it is low, you can recalibrate it to make it work better. Beyond this, we can highlight that it does not have ads and that it is free, you can download it through the previous link.

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