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Best Alternatives for HowManyofMe.com

Best Alternatives for HowManyofMe.com


If you are ooking for a free alternative to HowManyofMe.com website, then this post is sure to interest you. HowManyofMe.com is/was a popular website that shows the number of people having the same name as yours. However, this website is unreachable now and you can’t use it anymore.

What website shows how many people have a name?

There are some websites that can help you with this. If you still want to learn about your name’s popularity, you can use its alternative. Here, we are going to mention some free alternatives to HowManyofMe.com that you can use.

Best Alternatives for HowManyofMe.com

Here are some alternatives to HowManyofMe.com that you can use to find out how many share the same full name as you:

  1. Forebears
  2. Behind the Name
  3. Maniacs.info

1] Forebears

Best Alternatives for HowManyofMe.com

Forebears is a nice alternative to HowManyofMe.com. It helps you determine the popularity of your first and last name. Not just for the United States, it shows the results all over the world.

You can simply visit the Forebears website in a web browser. After that, click on its Search box and start typing the name in the box. It will show suggestions for similar names for both surname and forename. You can select the name you want to learn about.

As you choose a name, it displays the rank i.e., how common the entered name is in the world. It also displays the basic meaning of the name. Plus, an estimate of the number of people that have the same name is also shown. Besides that, you can also learn the country where the name is most prevalent and where there is the highest density of the name.

You can also visualize a demographic chart that displays the name distribution all over the world. In the map, you can hover the mouse over a country and see various statistics related to your name like ratio, rank, frequency, etc. It also shows statistics in tabular form.

When you scroll down toward the end of the search results page, you can also see Phonetically Similar Names.

All in all, it is a good alternative to use in place of HowManyofMe.com. You can try it here.

2] Behind the Name

Behind the Name is another HowManyofMe.com alternative. This website lets you find out the etymology and history of different first names. You can simply enter the name in its search box and it will show you the basics of the name including where is it used, its scripts, how is it pronounced, etc. Besides that, you can also check the popularity of your name in the USA, England, and other regions.

A chart showing the popularity of the first name over the years is displayed. You can also compare the popularity of your first name with some other name. Apart from that, it also displays related names, namesakes, ratings, etc. While searching for the name, you can also filter the results by setting up some options like gender, origin, letters, usage, language, relations, etc.

If you liked it, open its website and start finding out the history of your first name and how popular your name is around the world. Here is the link to the Behind the Name website.

3] Maniacs.info

Maniacs.info is a website that contains several tools that serve different purposes. One of its many tools includes a How Many Of Me? tool. This tool allows you to find the number of people with the same first or last name as you. The results are shown for the United States only.

To use it, go to its website in your browser and select whether you want to learn about your first name or last name. Once done, enter the name for which you want to see the results. After that, press the How Many Of Me? button to see the results.

On the results page, you can learn an estimate of people that share the same first or last name as you entered. Besides that, it also displays the rank of the entered name. It will show how popular the name is in the United States. Additionally, it also shows some extra information e.g., names starting with the first letter of your name in the United States.

This website contains some other tools that you may find handy like Aspect Calculator, BAC Calculator, Birthday Countdown, Capitalization Rate Calculator, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Is there a website that tells you how many people have your same name?

Yes, there are a few good websites using which you can determine how many your namesakes there are in the world. HowManyofMe was a great website for that, but it seems to be closed now. Still, there are websites like Forebears and Behind the Name that you can use for finding out how popular is your first and last name in different parts of the world.

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Best Alternatives for HowManyofMe.com


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